Clinton turns focus to down-ballot candidates in final days

Clinton turns focus to down-ballot candidates in final days

Clinton turns focus to down-ballot candidates in final days

Democratic vice presidential candidate Time Kaine stopped in Durham Thursday where he said the Democrats aren't done campaigning in North Carolina.

And the way he talks about it suggests differences on how a Christian should apply his faith in public life from the Rev. Franklin Graham.

He made a push Wednesday to get Democratic voters to the polls with a rally at the Heritage Center of Clark County. "We're trying to communicate positions on issues like that". His faith, he said Tuesday in Detroit, leads him to a concern about poverty. "You heard me talk about equality issues, for example".

Kaine also laid out his and Clinton's four-point plan to rebuild the economy - which he said includes investing in infrastructure, education and small businesses and increasing the minimum wage.

Kaine said Trump was "stiffing" veterans, the military, teachers, funding for mental health and other items funded through the use of taxes.

On Saturday, the campaign will host a public event at the Dunning-Cohen Championship Field on the University of Pennsylvania's campus.

"There are a lot of people on the side of the road", he said. "It's about neighborhoods. It's about people who need our help".

When Hill's AAU team went to a waterpark, the Clintons went, too, Hill said, adding he can remember whooshing down waterslides with Chelsea. Husted has said he still plans to vote for Trump.

Kaine took the stage before Clinton, asking simply: "Can I just ask you guys, how fantastic was Hillary during the last debate?" "You got to do better than that".

"We can not take anything for granted", he said. "We can't afford to leave talent on the sidelines". "We don't want to treat people with disabilities as people to be mocked".

"Tim Kaine's Old North State swing comes in the wake of new revelations indicating more corruption within the Clinton inner circle after emails showed an influential Clinton Foundation official convinced the campaign to accept big money raised by lobbyists representing foreign governments". Students started lining up as early as 9 get a front row seat for the rally and even filled an additional overflow room. I don't believe we have any massive fraud. And, the middle class is where the votes are.

Talking to reporters after his speech, Kaine criticized Trump's decision Thursday to double down on his controversial refusal to concede if he loses. They're strong for women being paid equally.

Trump has struggled to connect with Utah's large Mormon population, a weakness Clinton has sought to exploit with the recent launch of a "Mormons for Hillary" group. President Ronald Reagan signed the credits into law in 1986. And Clinton is expected to return to the state Sunday.

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