Lady Gaga returns to NYC bar when she launched her career

It was the second stop of her Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour, which she announced earlier this month.

Gaga - whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - sings on the track: "Can't wait to rev you up faster than you say Ferrari".

Lady Gaga's new album "Joanne" is out today and she is excited for her fans to enjoy it. Listen to "A-Yo" below.

Gaga's catalog of hits and strong deep cuts continues to grow with each new album. "It was really Joanne, and that story of our family, and the toughness that made us who we are, that gave me the strength to go, 'You know, I'm going to live the rest of my life in a way that she couldn't'".

As much as fans hoped that Beyonce and Lady Gaga would reunite to make a track for this album, the Lemonade singer doesn't make a guest appearance.

Lady GaGa is more or less at the make it or break it point in her career as she enters her Joanne era, but it doesn't sound like she's completely feeling her fame right now. "Grigio Girls", which mixes electronic percussion with a strummed acoustic guitar, piano and warm vinyl record crackle, serves as a tired rallying cry for friends helping one another through the tough times, bottle in hand - the album's titular Joanne even makes a brief appearance. The album's named after her father's sister, who died of lupus at 19, years before Gaga was even born.

Eight years have flown by since Lady Gaga exploded onto the global stage with her RedOne produced, Colby O'Donis featuring and RedOne/Akon co-written debut single Just Dance.

With global album and single sales of 27 million and 146 million respectively, as of January 2016, she is one of the best-selling musicians of all time. "Joanne" is more like a rock-and-country album with a few dance songs sprinkled in. She's happiest when she is sat at a piano barking orders and that side of her I don't think the world has seen it.

"Because of that, I'm tough and I can do anything", she concludes. Her appearance is a performance on its own.

She added: "How can I not say something?"

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