'Logan' trailer serves up moody Hugh Jackman, a mysterious introduction

"Mutants... they're gone now".

Logan stars Hugh Jackman, in what is expected to be his last film in the franchise, and it makes sense to give him a proper send-off.

The trailer shows an older Logan, whose mutant powers have weakened, in a post-apocalyptic desert world.

Will Logan be the most unconventional Marvel movie yet? He first played the character in Bryan Singer's very first X-Men movie, simply called X-Men, way back in the year 2000. Briefly seen in X-Men: Apocalypse, Caliban looks distinctly more "normal" than in the comics, despite his albinism. Professor X barely has his marbles together, Wolverine has shaky hands and a chauffeur job, and the professor is living in a makeshift hospital Logan has hidden inside an old rusted-out water tank.

One of the biggest mysteries in the trailer involves Wolverine in a graveyard, getting drunk against a tree while a very somber funeral plays out in the background.

Aside from a few members of Alpha Flight, Wolverine is one of the only superheroes to come out of the province, earning him a special place in fan's hearts. However, I was surprised to see how normal Logan looked; based on the poster featuring Old Man Logan's arm and claws, I thought he would look a lot older. Wolverine is haggard, graying and covered with brutal-looking injuries, which is weird because he usually has the power to heal himself. To take those first tentative steps to joining the X-Men, who will in time become his family. The trailer heavily implies that they're dead, cutting to Logan drinking in a cemetery.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

While James Mangold still won't outright confirm anything, it seems like a safe bet that the little girl palling around with Logan and Charles is Laura Kinney, known more familiarly as X-23.

We see one familiar X-face: Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Professor X, the man who sent Logan on a journey to discover the secrets of his past in the first X-Men film, 2000's "X-Men".

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