Mike Pence Is Giving a Lot of Trump Supporters Buyer's Remorse

Mike Pence Is Giving a Lot of Trump Supporters Buyer's Remorse

Mike Pence Is Giving a Lot of Trump Supporters Buyer's Remorse

Grading Tuesday night's vice presidential debate isn't almost as clear cut.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening's event. Could he mount a defense and make Kaine seem like an opportunistic bully?

"He loves dictators", Kaine said.

Kaine quickly shot back: "I can't believe you are defending the position that there's no bias".

Pence, the IN governor and former congressman praised the Republican businessman's resilience and called him a "strong leader".

Pence said he and Trump will give the police "the resources and tools" they need to "restore law and order". "You used that a whole lot". In Tim Kaine's case, this meant a canned line about Clinton's plan for a "You're hired economy instead of a "You're Fired" economy". "And last night America also got to look firsthand at my judgment", he said, "and that was judgment".

Meyers went on to describe Pence as a candidate from an "alternate universe" who wasn't running with Trump.

At least some of Clinton's bounce is likely attributable to Trump's conduct coming out of the debate.

The attention now returns to the heads of their respective parties, as Trump aims to recover from a week of lacklustre performance in the polls and prepare for a second debate against a Democrat leader that now appears to be holding all the cards.

Trump has repeatedly said that his taxes are under audit and he said that he will release them after the audit is complete. After all, this year's rollicking presidential campaign has been all about the passionate emotions - positive and negative - that both candidates of the top of the ticket stir up for many American voters. One media outlet reported that he interrupted the Republican over sixty times during the course of the debate, which is quite a high number even for our sound-bite charged era. And Pence followed suit later on. Indeed, the debate often degenerated into arguments between the two political rivals and moderator Elaine Quijado on occasions struggled to maintain control.

Which campaign has thrown more insults at their opponents?

Pence and Kaine sparred over that question.

It was surreal to hear Kaine say, "we support Roe v. Wade".

If Trump wins, conservatives can know that at least one of their own will be in the administration to fight their battles for them.

"Oh, that's nonsense", Pence said. Donald's literally doing it right now. Meanwhile, Trump did say all the things that Kaine had charged him with saying. "The news is much better for Pence, though".

His running mate echoed his attacks on Pence and Trump.

Pence went on to say that "the provocations by Russian Federation need to be met with American strength".

"We have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect on institutional bias in criminal justice, but what Donald Trump and I are saying is let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement". Both of the candidates are disliked enough, forcing voters to choose from the lesser of two evils.

See Sharrie's full interview with Tim Kaine: Meanwhile, Republican Mike Pence faced supporters in Harrisonburg, Virginia, clearly delighted with what many pundits thought was his victory last night over Tim Kaine. He said pedophillic comments about his own daughter, and even other women.

"And I think that's who Governor Pence's running mate is. And that's why I'm running", Trump said.

"Oh, come on, Senator".

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