New York Giants Prepare for London Game on Sunday

New York Giants Prepare for London Game on Sunday

New York Giants Prepare for London Game on Sunday

The New York Giants have a game against the Rams on Sunday; however, this won’t be just any ordinary game. On Thursday Night, the Giants will take a six-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean to London. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this game, and no one is really talking about NFL free picks, lines or odds.

Sure, this won’t be the first NFL game played abroad. However, these sorts of matches always attract considerable interest and attention. The Rams are already in London. They have had time to settle in and prepare for the Sunday Game.

The Giants, on the other hand, have to contend with a change in time zones as well as the lengthy flight. Coach Ben McAdoo decided against immediately flying to London. He thought it better to give his players time to recuperate from their most recent game.

You can never really get enough rest on a plane; even with the sleeper seats, there are players with lower-body injuries who might struggle with the changing altitude.

The jet lag might also become an issue; every player is different, so there is no telling how the team as a whole will react to the journey. Receiver Victor Cruz has traveled to Europe on multiple occasions.

And the last time he traveled, he admitted that it took him two whole days to adjust to the time, so the Giants will definitely face a few challenges when they get to London. 

Each player needs to forget about the rest of the team and make preparations that specifically suit their needs and attributes. The team will only progress if each individual player is well rested and properly acclimated to the situation by the time Sunday rolls around. 

The Giants will land in London early in the morning; so they have to spend the six hours on the plane sleeping; that way landing in London will feel like waking up; and in that regard, they do not have to play nearly as much catch-up. 

Kicker Josh Brown has some experience with traveling. Brown spends his offseason in Washington State. He has firsthand experience about the toll that flying East can exert, not only on the body but on the mind as well.

He also understands the importance of trying to minimize this impact and has been working with the Giant medical staff to help his colleagues prepare for the London trip. There is no way around the fact that the Giants will have to sleep on the plane.

Talking or watching movies just won’t do. They need to come off the plane ready to play at their full potential. That means managing their sleep appropriately, and possibly even wearing compression socks and staying well hydrated. 

There are some players with injuries which might swell as the altitude increases; McAdoo has already accounted for them. There will be more than enough room for them to stretch out and relax. 

It would be a mistake for the Giants to get so caught up in the logistical issues that they forget the purpose of their trip. They are going to London to play the Rams and they need to keep that at the foremost of their minds. 

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