Samsung sends fire-proof boxes for Galaxy Note 7 returns

Samsung sends fire-proof boxes for Galaxy Note 7 returns

Samsung sends fire-proof boxes for Galaxy Note 7 returns

The analysis was echoed by SK Securities analyst Kim Young-woo, who said that the earnings of Samsung for the mobile division in the third quarter were wiped off because of the cost of the recall program and the lost sales for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has received 96 reports of batteries in the device overheating in the us, which include 23 new reports since the first recall announcement, according to CPSC. The CPSC says that it's only looking into six reports of overheating replacement phones right now.

The South Korean tech giant is sending fire-proof return packages to its U.S. Galaxy Note 7 users, providing some protection for possible explosions as the recalled devices make their way back to the manufacturer.

Samsung will either provide a full refund at the original price or replace Note 7 units with any other model of Samsung phone, and give refunds of the difference in prices, along with a 300 yuan ($45) voucher.

On top of the third-quarter loss, Samsung said the drop in sales arising from the decision to discontinue the Note 7 would continue to impact profit margins in October-March, including the crucial holiday buying season. There have been 96 cases in total since the phone launched in August.

Samsung's recall of the devices was made official today via the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, citing "serious fire and burn hazards" to consumers.

Samsung faces losing 40% of its existing smartphone customer base, following the Galaxy Note 7 recall, a new survey has revealed. In America, buyers who return the Galaxy Note 7 and exchange it for a different Galaxy handset will receive $100 from Samsung in the form of a bill credit.

On Tuesday, Samsung confirmed it had shut down production of the Note 7 and told all owners to power down the devices.

"I promise to identify the fundamental cause at any cost so that all of our customers can restore trust in Samsung's products and use them pleasantly", he added. If buyers feel like they can still trust Samsung the extra $100 is more appealing, but Samsung really has no alternative to the Note 7 at this point and buyers would likely end up going with the Galaxy S series of devices.

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