State GOP Official Loses Party Post for Refusing to Back Donald Trump

So, even if the Democrats control the Senate starting in January, Republicans could still block a President Clinton's Supreme Court nominations and policy program. In 2018, the tables will be reversed and the Democrats will have 25 seats at risk, compared with only eight Republicans, a lot of them safe.

Hillary Clinton's biggest super PAC helper is following her lead and trying to help deliver a Democratic Senate.

Breitbart News has learned that the Ohio GOP's State Central Committee has issued a stand-down order on campaigning for Trump in at least two major counties.

Asked what politicians he would like to lead the new party he is looking to create, Wilson named politicians like McMullin, Oklahoma Sen.

In prepared remarks slated to be delivered to college Republicans in Wisconsin, Ryan says the left doesn't just seek a continuation of the last eight years or to further what he calls "the liberal progressive experiment".

But Jones said Portman and other Republicans who have abandoned their support are "not supporting the Republican Party".

Other analysts said that even if Iowa has a second election that favors Republicans, it's not necessarily an indicator of a long-term trend. "I think that the country would benefit greatly from Republican leadership right now, but [Trump] has now shown he is not the right one for it and is certainly not the right way forward in the future for the GOP".

I remember when the 2010 midterm election happened, and I was sitting inside the room at our headquarters, watching the returns coming in, and the excitement in that room when the Republicans finally took back the House from the Democrats, for the first time in years. He's being hammered by Trump loyalists in the state. "But long-term, I think there are trends which tilt to Democrats - increase in minorities, especially Hispanics, the fact that Democrats are more attractive to younger voters, etc".

The highly followed newsletter still expects Democrats to gain between 10 to 20 House seats, particularly if Republicans discouraged by controversy over Trump decide not to vote. "Rep. Kay Granger, the only Republican woman to have ever been elected to a full term in the U.S. House from Texas, is among the highest-profile defections". It seems as though he's providing excuses in advance for why he lost, which is perhaps not the way you want to be spending your time just a few weeks from election day. Since then, the GOP has steadily increased that advantage. So, going for Trump would be a change of pace.

"This past week Chairman Borges conducted a self-promotional media tour with state and national outlets to criticize our party's nominee".

Day said in the e-mail she can support neither Trump nor Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as a matter of conscience.

John McCain of Arizona was one of several Senate Republicans who rescinded his endorsement of Trump after video from 2005 was released in which the business mogul spoke of groping women.

As Ryan becomes the latest punching bag for his party's presidential nominee, the Wisconsin Republican has made the calculation that he faces little political upside in engaging in a back-and-forth with Trump.

"But these suburban-dwellers are also the voters likeliest to stick with Republicans down ballot", Wasserman said.

Yet right now, it's genuinely unclear how much influence Trump - and Trumpism more generally - will have in the Republican Party on November 9.

"It feels like a long-term trend, to be as subjective as I can about this question".

I just finished watching "Stranger Things", the Netflix series in which government scientists try to spy on Russians by sending a girl with telekinetic powers into a parallel universe. I predict that's a message that won't sit well with voters next go around.

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