Trump Just Proposed He and Clinton Take Pre-Debate Drug Tests

Trump Just Proposed He and Clinton Take Pre-Debate Drug Tests

Trump Just Proposed He and Clinton Take Pre-Debate Drug Tests

Mr. Obama drew a contrast between Mr. Trump and previous Republican presidential opponents, saying while he thought he would be a better president than them, he was not afraid of them becoming president.

"Hillary is running for president in what looks like a rigged election", he charged in New Hampshire.

Other Republican leaders are racing to contain the political damage, hoping to limit Trump's down-ballot drag on Election Day and laying the groundwork for the reclamation project that will follow it.

From the lectern in Greensboro, North Carolina Friday, Trump made direct allusions to that debate, brushing off criticism that he encroached upon Clinton's personal space during the town hall-style event.

He was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage.

"No, I think he's answered it enough".

The former first lady also reacted to a speech on her behalf on Thursday by current first lady Michelle Obama, who tore into Trump over allegations of sexual assault in addition to his sexually aggressive comments on the leaked tape.

A confident Clinton has meanwhile scaled back her campaign commitments, keeping a low profile as her rival battles the incendiary allegations, triggered by the release last week of a video of him bragging about groping women.

"Folks, there's never been a situation like this in the history of our country", Trump said at a campaign rally here.

Trump's comments came as he once again alleged it's "all false stuff" and there is a "concerted effort" to take down his campaign, ignoring calls from his campaign advisers to focus on economic issues rather than responding to the allegations. Barry implied that Zervos was upset because Trump refused to visit her California restaurant during the primaries.

A new analysis found she was heavily favoured to reach the 270 Electoral College votes needed to secure the presidency.

Even for Donald Trump, this is a risky new low - and a disturbing precedent that could be the beginnings of some very unsafe times.

"This election is incredibly painful".

He mocked Hillary Clinton's memory, saying she told the Federal Bureau of Investigation "I don't remember" 39 times when questioned about her private email server. "I am not at all happy about that. It hurts our democracy". Four women have told publications detailed stories about encounters with Trump that ended with groping, kissing and other unwanted sexual advances.

Hm, I am no doctor, but I believe it is possible for most to rhetorically trounce Trump without additional chemical assistance. "I would do whatever I can for my country".

"Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right?"

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