Trump says he never met some accusers; Pence claims evidence

Trump says he never met some accusers; Pence claims evidence

Trump says he never met some accusers; Pence claims evidence

However, Trump had bragged on the 2005 videotape: "I just start kissing them".

Donald Trump's efforts to drag Hillary Clinton down by focusing on her husband's misconduct may be a relatively new strategy for him, but it's not for the advisers whispering in his ear.

Trump assailed The New York Times in particular, noting its connection to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who is a major shareholder in the media company. His campaign spokesman, Jason Miller, called the story "a completely false, coordinated character assassination". She is demanding a retraction and apology and threatening to sue the publication.

The presidential campaign this year has seen Donald Trump reduce the distance between himself and his Democrat rival Hilary Clinton. "There is no merit or veracity to this fabricated story".

Many GOP officeholders and candidates are sticking with Donald Trump despite new allegations that he sexually assaulted women. He noted that Ryan didn't call and say "good going" after his performance in Sunday's debate.

Pence tells students at the evangelical college that personal "shortcomings are no excuse for inaction" and they should vote for Trump.

They also drew an impassioned denunciation of Trump from popular first lady Michelle Obama, who was campaigning for Clinton in New Hampshire on Thursday.

The statement says that while Trump has expressed support for greatly increased infrastructure spending, he hasn't been clear where he intends to find the money for it.

The latest poll showed Clinton leading Trump 44-37 among likely voters.

Additionally, a Republican National Committee source told CNN's Sara Murray Thursday that the Trump campaign chose to pull resources from the swing state of Virginia, essentially conceding the state to Clinton. "Well the only disaster is somebody who can get away with playing no taxes and have the gall to run for president and criticize the rest of us". Clinton's campaign has not confirmed the accuracy of the emails, but Podesta said the FBI is investigating Russia's possible involvement, raising the extraordinary prospect of a link between Russian Federation and the USA presidential election. Evidently, Trump was suggesting that his misogyny is OK because Bill Clinton cheated on his wife, or that Hillary Clinton defended him, or something. "He was like an octopus", she told the newspaper.

Perhaps most encouraging for Bill Clinton in the millennial pursuit - and ominous for Trump - is that Onusko and many of her contemporaries express bewilderment and even disdain over the Republican nominee's broadsides about the ex-president's sexual history and Hillary Clinton's actions in the political fallout. His stunt of trotting out several of Bill Clinton's accusers at the debate made many Republicans cringe.

Clinton aide Glen Caplin said Wednesday that Trump's campaign needs to explain its "possible ties to foreign espionage".

Clinton had suffered a drop in the polls after facing some challenges over her health issue after she fainted in public because of pneumonia.

But in these final weeks, when Trump should be making his closing argument, the deluge of scandals surrounding his campaign have swallowed his message.

For John McCain, it was the day the markets collapsed and he insisted the fundamentals of the economy were strong.

Millennials haven't embraced Hillary Clinton's candidacy. The next and final poll will be released on November 2, six days before the election.

Trump said in Florida there is a "whole sinister deal going on" that has prevented Ryan and other Republican leaders from fully backing his campaign.

Taken together, the revelations about Trump and his counterprogramming about Bill Clinton have plunged an already rancorous campaign to new lows.

Pollster Charles Franklin said that while the release of the tape caused "significant" shifts in opinions, there was no way to know whether Clinton's advantages would hold. She said that while a pregnant Melania changed into a new outfit, Trump said he wanted to show her another room in the home.

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