United States election: Michelle Obama - Clinton's not-so-secret weapon

United States election: Michelle Obama - Clinton's not-so-secret weapon

United States election: Michelle Obama - Clinton's not-so-secret weapon

"Because he doesn't really know them".

Clinton declared herself "appalled" by what she said was an attack on 240 years of U.S. democracy. We're in this race for not just our children, but all of our children.

At the rally in Arizona, she referred to Trump dozens of times, but in the abstract. They said, "Well, Michelle Obama said it". The group spent $72,000 targeting women in nine key battleground states - states where the vote could swing to either candidate.

Infowars" Alex Jones has offered to pay anyone who shouts that Bill Clinton is a "rapist' if they're able to get on TV for more than five seconds.

And then there's the Trump factor. Make America Number 1 is one of a handful of such groups supporting Trump's White House bid.

Chelsea Clinton plans to discuss her mother's plan to ensure college is affordable and students can graduate without debt.

Sanders was deployed to Flagstaff and Tucson - liberal college towns where Sanders delivered a strong showing in his primary battle with Clinton.

Women could be Donald Trump's undoing this November. "We can not elect a candidate to be president who refers to our Mexican brothers and sisters as rapists and criminals".

As for FLOTUS, Trump tried to pit Michelle against Hillary, bringing up an old statement from 2007 that was supposedly critical of the Clintons. She was talking about Barack and herself, and how they were running the campaign.

"The voters decide who win elections, period".

"I was born during civil rights being signed".

"Maybe that's why he calls communities like the one where I was raised, 'hell, '" she said. I do not hear that.

The Republican presidential nominee has carried the state in 11 of the last 12 elections. "She said that, but we don't hear about that". "I think with the unpopularity of these two candidates, turnout is going to be abysmally low".

To the Clinton campaign, Michelle Obama is a crucial asset who can connect with the Democratic base - particularly young people - but also reach independent and undecided voters.

But Aflred E Smith V told CNN on Friday Mr Trump "crossed the line and took it a little too far".

The event is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Overall, more than half of likely voters view Michelle Obama favorably according to polling released this week from Fox News.

Republican positions on abortion and funding for women's healthcare have been branded a "War on Women" by Democrats and affiliated groups such as Emily's List.

She suggested that Trump's life in a tower in New York City has kept him away from regular Americans.

Without mentioning the Republican candidate by name, Mrs Obama launched a visceral attack saying she was "shaken to the core", adding: "I can't believe that I'm saying that a candidate for president of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women...this is not something we can ignore". "That is the power of hope", she said.

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