HHS secretary: More people buying health insurance through Obamacare

HHS secretary: More people buying health insurance through Obamacare

HHS secretary: More people buying health insurance through Obamacare

Almost 1.3 million Floridians, including 73,453 in the Fort Myers and Naples market, have signed up for Affordable Care Act marketplace plans as of this week, putting the Sunshine State on track to exceed last year's enrollment figures.

"We're going to finish this open enrollment by trying to enroll more people than ever", Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said Wednesday, weighing in after a mid-December deadline to hold coverage at the start of the new year.

Yesterday was the deadline for enrolling in Obamacare plans for January 1 coverage through HealthCare.gov, but short term health insurance is among the products available to help fill any gaps for people who would otherwise go uninsured.

"That will be millions more than the number we're talking about today", Mrs. Burwell said.

Updated numbers, including the automatic enrollees, will be released next month.

A congressional expert in Missouri thinks Republicans will face challenges if they plan to quickly repeal Obamacare once Donald Trump becomes President.

"Members are still reviewing all options on the table and no decisions have been finalized about how we will smoothly transition away from this failing law and toward reforms that deliver affordable, quality, health care choices based on what patients and families need", a House GOP aide said. Because of the heavy volume - a record 670,000 customers chose coverage on the site on December 15 alone - the deadline was extended through midnight Monday. HHS says it has received 30,000 calls from people asking if they should get coverage or re-enroll in light of the election results.

That reflects the fact that most Obamacare customers qualify for federal tax credits to lower their monthly premiums.

He's also sympathetic to the under-26 policy and the law's assurance that people with pre-existing conditions won't be denied coverage.

The uptick in the number of people who have shopped around could be because many people lost their plans when their insurers dropped out of the state and federal health exchange, says Hempstead.

"The main takeaway is that there is growth", Burwell said.

"The marketplace is strong", she said.

Also, the Urban Institute issued a report Wednesday that found 4.4 million children could lose their coverage if Congress repeals but doesn't replace Obamacare.

Over the same period past year, 6 million enrolled.

So far about 20 million Americans gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

In October, Republicans pounced on a 25 percent increase in 2017 premiums for benchmark Obamacare insurance plans as another reason to scuttle the law. This year's report included for the first time the difference between health care costs before and after the inception of the Affordable Care Act's health marketplaces.

Obamacare sign-ups in SC are increasing, even as Republicans keep repeating their intention to repeal the law early next year.

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