Every new Chromebook will be Compatible with Android Apps

Every new Chromebook will be Compatible with Android Apps

Every new Chromebook will be Compatible with Android Apps

Google Voice was last significantly updated on mobile devices around five years ago. One app that always seemed to be forgotten though was Google Voice, which Google acknowledges has not had an update in quite a while.

For example, if you click through to a Buzzfeed page through a Google search result, it might take you to a module of the Buzzfeed app to take a quiz on why millenials are the absolute worst, rather than the web version. Now, user's conversations will stay in one endless thread which makes it easier to keep up with messages from the user's contacts in a single place. These features are joined by several smaller changes, including support for Spanish in the service's voicemail transcription function. The updated Google Voice app features what the company describes as a cleaner and more intuitive design for users.

The upgraded app also comes along with features that were only available for users who switched to Hangouts before.

LG has enjoyed a strong relationship with Google concerning Android Nougat, with the company's LG V20 smartphone the first to be released to the public carrying the software.

Most notably, Google Voice is now split up into three different sections. The Pixel C and the Nexus 9 are also said to not be able to provide hotspots for other devices but rather will just be used to connect to hotspots created under the new feature. These new kinds of apps are meant to help bridge the gap between web apps and native apps.

To check if your Android phone is ready to updated head to Settings About device download updates manually.

In addition, photo MMS is now supported by Google Voice on all platforms and across all major providers. You also will be able to get the Google Voice updated version for iOS through Apple's App store once the new version is released for iOS later this week.

So if you have the app, the updates should reach you in the coming weeks. Instant Apps can deeplink straight to the relevant Android activities as your phone only downloads the necessary code to display such activity, which is compartmentalized in a module dictated by Google's guidelines.

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