Prime Minister's strategy for industry wins backing

Prime Minister's strategy for industry wins backing

Prime Minister's strategy for industry wins backing

The Government's 2017 Industrial Strategy report has outlined plans for a new autonomous and connected vehicle test centre, which will be built to boost the UK's role as an automotive technology world leader.

Published Monday to coincide with the prime minister's first regional cabinet meeting, in north-west England, the strategy highlighted broadband, transport and energy as sectors that can "align central government infrastructure investment with local growth priorities".

That means the games industry could request a range of support, such as "removing regulatory barriers to innovations and growth", or looking at "how we can use trade and investment deals to increase exports".

In its statement ahead of publication of the green paper, BEIS says that the strategy will address the "historic undervaluation" of technical education in the United Kingdom, particularly aimed at young people who choose not to go to university.

"Putting much needed investment into United Kingdom infrastructure is essential and I look forward to seeing more detail on this emerge in the housing white paper before too long". "Without this access, manufacturing is going to be seriously hobbled".

The CBI welcomed the government's intention to involve all sectors in the strategy, added Fairbairn, whose organisation represents 190,000 businesses, which together employed almost 7M. Buildings are really important focal points, but we must not forget that some of the best training and development is in the workplace and not the workshop, and the Industrial Strategy must keep this at the forefront.

The funding comes on top of the £2.9 billion of growth deal funding already awarded to 11 local enterprise partnerships in the region.

She urged the government to reconsider its ban on subsidies for new onshore wind farms, saying it's the cheapest form of new power for Britain.

The government, however, failed to respond to the committee's demand that it explain the delay to the refreshed Digital Strategy, which is now more than a year late.

Business groups largely welcomed the Government's new plans, although some warned there is a long way to go to create a strategy that pleases all sectors of the economy.

"It's about forging and shaping the new future", she said.

The SNP and Liberal Democrats, who both oppose the United Kingdom exiting the single market, were more sceptical.

"It's clear that much still needs to be done in reaching a sector deal and we are committed to working with the Secretary of State for Business and his team to try to get the right supportive policy framework in place as quickly as possible, so that the steel sector is underpinning the industrial strategy".

Theresa May is set to unveil the government's new "active role" in industry. "The Tories used to claim to be the party of business, now they are only the party of hard Brexit".

As part of its plans to overhaul technical education and boosting Stem skills, the government will provide £170m in capital funding to create "prestigious Institutes of Technology" which will be responsible for delivering higher-level technical education.

"The vast majority of innovation will come down to the founders and staff of individual companies and from my own experience, government, to date, has done little to nothing to support our own business".

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