Sony's First OLED TV Is Freaking Gorgeous

Sony's First OLED TV Is Freaking Gorgeous

Sony's First OLED TV Is Freaking Gorgeous

In addition to its BRAVIA OLED A1E televisions, Sony has also announced its X930E/X940E Series at CES.

Officially, LG Australia hasn't said when the new OLED screens will be making their way to our country, but TV change over time tends to be from March to May, with April usually kickstarting things with a few launches here and there.

The A1E Bravia series will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch screen sizes, but Sony has not yet confirmed the pricing details.

It's a busy week in the TV business, as CES exhibitors roll out their best and brightest new displays, in many cases adding support for different flavors of HDR color.

Alongside the above improvements, the X930E/X940E series also features the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, which Sony says offers 40 percent more power than its 4K Processor X1.

I can't see how wall mounting is possible. No levels. No professional installer.

The 55-inch full HD transparent display panel has more natural and clear screen by improving more colors. And you can control it by shouting at your Google Home. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are the preferred technology workflows for major studios and a growing number of creative professionals, so consumers have access to more of what they want to watch, including a robust portfolio of movies and episodic content.

The HDR tech in these sets has been dubbed "Active HDR" by LG, as the TVs process the picture frame by frame, enabling the TV to offer the best picture even if the original HDR content contains static or no metadata at all.

TCL is investing some $7.7 billion in high-quality television screens and is aiming to make the world's slimmest curved television, according to Gopi.

The operative word for the W7 OLED is flat. This means that consumers won't have to connect a soundbar or separate audio system to the TV in order to get great sound.

The 2017 TCL Roku TVs will employ the Roku OS v.7.5 that will enable pausing live over-the-air programming. It's like a moving, Ultra High-Definition wallpaper.

The 65-inch screen weighs 17 pounds and comes out in the spring; the 77-inch version goes on sale in the second half of 2017.

Some of the folks outside of LG's press conference remarked that they'd be scared to hold the W7 for fear that it'd break.

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