Microsoft launches 'Project Sangam' to make finding jobs easier

Microsoft launches 'Project Sangam' to make finding jobs easier

Microsoft launches 'Project Sangam' to make finding jobs easier

The app can also become the default dialler and messaging application if you wish to use it on your Android smartphone.

In addition, Skype Lite has also partnered with the Aadhaar program and will integrate its technology by June 2017.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday launched a lighter version of Skype video and voice calling app to cater people with low-end smartphones.

At the Future Decoded event, Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Flipkart, where the e-commerce marketplace will adopt Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform. For example, the photos you share on Skype Lite get compressed before they are uploaded so that their size is reduced. Skype Lite requires Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer, meaning the app should be compatible with a majority of active Android devices in India. With the Indian market expected to see more and more mobile first users, it is not surprising to see Microsoft create a version of Skype geared exclusively for the audience in India.

The Skype Lite app weighs nearly half of the original Skype app.

For now, Skype Lite is limited to the Indian market, and there's no information to suggest it will be heading to other markets. Initially, it will only be available in India and has been localised in eight different Indian languages and has support for reading and replying to SMS' and tracking mobile data usage.

Skype Lite for Android is now available to download from the Google Play Store.

Most importantly for areas with low connectivity or expensive data charges, Microsoft said that the app has been created to use less data for all types of calls or messages.

But, most important announcement related to app was Aadhar authentication facility which allows callers to request for other's verification.

Government servicesThe Aadhaar scheme, which is the collection of India's new proprietary identity system, can be accessed via the app.

Microsoft is touting Skype Lite as, "built in India, for users in India".

What's more, Microsoft has also added Aadhaar integration, which will make it easier for identification, especially when taking interviews during a video call.

The upcoming bots (or supplements) in Skype will help in buying train or air tickets, weather data or cricket scores.

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