Trump reverts to campaign mode in Florida rally, his first as president

Trump reverts to campaign mode in Florida rally, his first as president

Trump reverts to campaign mode in Florida rally, his first as president

The last presidential election ended three months ago and the next one is not for nearly four years, but President Donald Trump is set to travel to Orlando today for what the White House has termed "a campaign event".

The "campaign rally for America" event bore similar resemblance to rallies held during the election campaign.

Hundreds of Trump supporters lined up outside the airplane hangar at Orlando Melbourne International Airport several hours before the evening rally kicked off. A web page for signing up for tickets gives people the chance to check boxes saying they want "campaign updates" or "would like to volunteer".

From courts halting his controversial travel ban to his national security adviser resigning.

For Trump, it was another impulsive risky move that has become expected during his presidency, after dodging the press pool on more than one occasion.

At one point, Trump called a supporter on stage for a few remarks.

Despite the turmoil, Trump insisted in a chaotic news conference Thursday that his administration was running like a "fine-tuned machine".

Grown men in line repeatedly referred to Trump as a "grown-up:" "Finally, there's an adult in the White House", one said.

"My hope is that he understands that the country is very polarized and a lot of the agenda items that he's pushing, it's concerning to a lot of people", Vann said.

Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Michael Barnett said Trump needs to respond to opponents who are already working against him.

"The news media has this concept that they can take Donald Trump down", Sava said.

Huber may have shot to instant stardom because of the president's overtures, and in a interview with CNN later in the day, he confessed that Trump is such a great source of inspiration for him that he has a six-foot cardboard cutout of the president in his house. "We are not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live or what to believe".

Trump took aim at the media, calling journalists "dishonest" and their reports "fake news".

This Melbourne event appeared out of nowhere on the Donald Trump campaign website earlier this week.

The President also read from his executive order on immigration.

. The people from FOX Tampa got a cheer, but there was backlash against Fox host Shepard Smith who denounced Trump's position on CNN as false.

Asked if the rally was for the 2020 election, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders called it "a campaign rally for America".

"I hear your demands, I hear your voices, I promise you I will deliver".

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