WIRED's Mobile World Congress round-up for 2017

WIRED's Mobile World Congress round-up for 2017

WIRED's Mobile World Congress round-up for 2017

The phone is much better this time.

Let us now dive straight into features and specifications of the LG G6. And unlike other phones with a similar screen size, the LG G6 fits comfortably in one hand, giving you a big screen experience without the inconvenience of a big phone. It's the same ratio you get on your HD TV and has been an industry standard since television started going high def. LG is now switching it up and moving to an 18:9 (or 2:1) display, which in theory, offers up more room to display information on your device. The phone will use an ultra wide 18:9 aspect ratio.

The LG G6 debuted at the Mobile World Congress 2017 on February 26.

The phone's dimensions are 148.9x71.9.7.9mm, smaller apart from thickness when compared to last year's G5, which measured 149.4x73.9x7.7mm. On top of that, the G6 has IP68 certified waterproofing and dustproofing.

The LG G6 releases into the markets with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. There was quite some confusion as to which processor the phone would feature, but that has now been put to rest. The combination of Dolby Vision and HDR 10 was made possible by a customised Snapdragon 821 chipset which Qualcomm tweaked exclusively for the LG G6. The LG G6 is a smartphone that shows that instead of bringing minor upgrades to a popular smartphone, you can really innovate.

The LG G6 has a non-removable battery, while the battery on the G5 could be pulled out from the bottom.

LG claims it has fitted a 5.7-inch screen into a form factor designed for 5.2-inch screens, something the Korean manufacturer calls FullVision. Moreover, the LG G6' USA version will support wireless charging.

The older device comes with Android Marshmallow out of the box, whereas the LG G6 comes with the latest Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, which may entice some consumers to update to the newer device. LG is also debuting its new Full-screen UX that utilizes the 18:9 aspect ratio of the display. End result? More vivid videos and images on the screen. It has baked-in Google Assistant, artificial intelligence (AI) -based aid service, which is now available in English and German only. The main highlight here is that the G6 happens to be the first non-Google smartphone to feature the new Google Assistant. It has been heavily rumored for months, and is now officially true. In fact, its battery is non-removable which, among other things, sets an abyss between the new device and its predecessor. For the unsupported content, LG will add in a "zoom mode". Last year, the LG G5 had a 16MP + 8MP camera combination and there was a support for 4K video recording that is there on the LG G6 as well but the sensors have been changed to give a better imaging experience. The front of the LG G6 houses a Gorilla Glass 3 protection, while the back has Gorilla Glass 5 in the curvature, along with Gorilla Glass 4 for the Camera lens covers at the back.

Most tech fans praised LG for launching the G5 previous year. The G6 also sports a 5MP camera on the front with a 100-degree wide angle lens.

UX 6.0 focuses on advanced multi-tasking, boasting a much improved camera and more enjoyable ways to engage with films, games and apps. They're also a subtle visual detail that makes the device look a lot more elegant.

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