Emma Watson Plays With Kittens In Latest Interview

Emma Watson Plays With Kittens In Latest Interview

Emma Watson Plays With Kittens In Latest Interview

Audra McDonald has won more Tony Awards than any other Broadway performer (six) and also has a very successful TV and movie career.

We won't completely spoil the movie for you but with the help of the Beast and an enchanted book, Belle goes back in time to discover not only about her mother but how her father ended up in the poor provincial town.

What's the secret to your success? I certainly don't think there was anything more outside that relationship. "I was waiting for the right project to be able to marry my theatre background with my film career". Honestly, if a parent isn't going to let their child see this film because of something as minuscule as LeFou dancing with another man, then I don't know what else to tell you.

The film is so magical.

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. How did you feel when you first saw him in costume? It was just ideal. All of us were all just completely blown away by the set.

What did Emma Watson, as an outspoken feminist and campaigner for gender equality, bring to her take on Belle?

How do you think fans of the 1991 cartoon will react to the film? She was just lovely. How long did that take to get into?

Marais was bisexual-he was actually married for two years to actress Mila Parély, who played one of Belle's shrewish sisters. "It came about at a time when there were no musicals", he says.

My favorite movie growing up was Beauty and the Beast.

McDonald: There's one that I do in concert now that I've been doing for a while: "Baby Mine", from "Dumbo", which is just such a sweet, attractive song. Emma Thompson is an endearing Mrs. Potts and Nathan Mack is adorable as her teacup son, Chip.

"It was pretty odd for them to watch Daddy as the Beast", he laughed. I think that's a crucial difference. I call it a reimagining in the way it's been reimagined time and time again. And she doesn't want to have anything to do with the arrogant, handsome Gaston (played wonderfully by Luke Evans).

McDonald: I did, I love her, she's unbelievable.

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