Google makes objects in videos searchable

Google makes objects in videos searchable

Google makes objects in videos searchable

At its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco on March 9, Google announced the launch of a new machine learning API for automatically detecting and recognizing objects in videos and making them searchable.

Google has made no secret of its plans to leverage data science and machine learning approaches to make its products and cloud services smarter and more intuitive to use. The company will also seek to make the SAP Cloud Platform available on GCP, to allow customers to build enterprise cloud applications from the combinations of services and APIs GCP and the SAP Cloud Platform offer.

"Kaggle and Google Cloud will foster a thriving community of machine learning developers and data scientists, giving them direct access to the most advanced cloud machine learning environment", Li added. The announcements showcased on Wednesday show that the company's initiatives to make its G Suite productivity service and public cloud platform offerings have been resonating with customers it may not have reached in the past.

"The company also previously announced pre-configured images for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Windows Server Core on Google Compute Engine".

SAP, Europe's largest technology company, said its flagship HANA database software was now running on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in order for customers to uncover real-time insights using big data from their operations on a grand scale.

The API quickly annotates videos stored in Google Cloud Storage with video, shot and frame-level context.

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet, Google's parent company, cited the success of Pokémon Go, which used Google Cloud to handle the explosion the game experienced when it debuted.

The partnership will help Google to address an elevated demand for customer assistance, as the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform has increased dramatically over the past year. That said, the API could also be an interesting tool for individual viewers. "With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission", she pointed out.

Rumours of the acquisition intensified in the wake of a $100,000 competition hosted by Google and Kaggle this month, TechCrunch reports. "We're here for real", he said.

Yes, and no. Currently, it is beta and is accessible by only select partners of Google such as Cantemo, who has a video management tool and it will allow the program to connect to this API for easier searching of videos and elements within videos.

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