Gorsuch says he wouldn't be swayed by Trump or his advisers

Gorsuch says he wouldn't be swayed by Trump or his advisers

Gorsuch says he wouldn't be swayed by Trump or his advisers

"It was reaffirmed in Casey in 1992, and in several other cases".

"I wouldn't hold it against Democrats to say, 'Maybe we should slow this down.' There are real questions about what happened to Merrick Garland, and I think those actions, just like elections, have consequences", Hickenlooper said.

The veteran appeals court judge responded that if Congress wanted there to more ad disclosure, it had "robust authority" to do so. The seat has been vacant for 13 months, since the death of conservative justice Antonin Scalia.

Gorsuch did not offer much on that point, as he generally avoided any tinge of comment on potential future cases.

"Whenever I see his name attached to an opinion, it's one I read with special care", Judge Gorsuch said. In a 10-minute segment, Uygur outlined how Democrats should focus on a single issue to effectively derail Gorsuch: campaign finance. "That's not what judges do", said Gorsuch.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), praised Gorsuch and said that he was a bit anxious over who Trump would pick. The Big Three networks' (ABC, CBS, and NBC) evening news programs buried the story of Tuesday's hearing after Senate Democrats failed to trip him up.

Even as Gorsuch testified, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of NY spoke on the Senate floor in an effort to connect the Supreme Court nominee with the president who picked him.

"A good judge will consider it as precedent of the United States Supreme Court worthy of treatment of precedent like any other", he added.

"I do think that this casts some level of a cloud".

He later spoke of how he viewed the importance of precedent in coming to rulings from the bench, no matter what the subject of the case.

Gorsuch, wearing a navy blue suit and a purple tie, shook hands with supporters and senators as he arrived in the committee room. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa asked him.

During Tuesday's hearing, Blumenthal repeatedly asked Gorsuch about these attacks. Judge Gorsuch specifically targeted females and maternity leave.

Gorsuch took questions for almost 11 and a half hours on Tuesday from the Senate Judiciary Committee, during which he presented himself as an independent jurist who would oppose Trump-favored rulings when he saw fit. The Gorsuch confirmation and the Russian hacking issue are inextricably tied - because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell personally tied them. The hearing could last four days. Democrats accused Senate Republicans of failing to do their job.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday in a case involving learning-disabled students, overturning a standard for special education that Gorsuch had endorsed in an earlier case on the same topic.

Leahy also noted Gorsuch has strong support from Trump senior counselor Stephen Bannon, who he accused of "giving a platform to extremists and misogynists and racists".

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