New The Walking Dead season 7 image reveals Sasha's fate (SPOILERS)

New The Walking Dead season 7 image reveals Sasha's fate (SPOILERS)

New The Walking Dead season 7 image reveals Sasha's fate (SPOILERS)

Daryl holds himself responsible for the death of Maggie's husband, Glenn.

Overview: We get a look at what's been going on at the Hilltop with Maggie's pregnancy and the citizen training. It would have added an extra layer of suspense to the season's upcoming finale, making Rick's planned war a lot harder. If she turns up alive Negan will know Rick lied. Not only did Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln share his idea for one of the most epic and hilarious finishes to the AMC series at PaleyFest, but Sasha Williams actor Sonequa Martin-Green chimed in with a theory. I love those moments because's something that Rosita made for Abraham.

And if that's how it goes down well, it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy than Gregory. How will a sniper rifle help in this scenario?

Despite their murderous shared goal, the two women aren't exactly on friendly terms. Jesus and Enid catch her, and he tries to talk her out of her "mission". "Go", she told her. As the Saviors prowl around the Hilltop while Simon collects the good doctor, Maggie and Daryl-whom the Saviors believe to be dead and long gone, respectively-are hiding in a dark room. Gregory is upset but does nothing as the doctor is loaded up on their truck. There are also some potential spoilers for Episode 15 of The Walking Dead, "Something They Need". Things get tense as Daryl brandishes a knife from the shadows, but the Savior leaves.

Though it was stupid writing to have Daryl nearly foolishly stab a Saviour in the head (there's the same Daryl that got Glenn killed) and felt inconsistent with what followed, we were given a brief but emotional moment where he started to tear up and apologise to Maggie, not having been able to look her in the eye out of guilt for what happened to Glenn. Maggie reassures him that it's not his fault. In that talk, they both admit regrets about Abraham and that when they die, they want to go out with objective. But we have to win. For instance, I feel pretty confident he's the only one who recognizes how delightful and/or insane it is that someone makes is making cardamom gelato in the zombie apocalypse.

What if Eugene slips Sasha the pills? However, after sneaking through the compound's fence, Sasha prevented Rosita from following her inside. Their journey is mostly boring and uneventful, though their auto hot-wiring and zombie distractions make Rick and Michonne look completely incompetent. Rosita explains how she learned skills from different men in her life, then moved on. In four seasons, her only defining characteristic was her relationship with Abraham, both before and after he dumped her. Sasha seems to respect that and the two begin to form a bond. He pulled a Judas on Rosita and Sasha when they arrived under cover of night to free him from Negan's rule. To convince them otherwise will take more than speeches. When our group comes against that danger of losing everything, the only thing that keeps them going forward are those things that really matter: love, connection and family. He's free! Except, he doesn't want to leave.

If fans are correct about the comic book storyline sticking around, we might see evidence of Dwight being the anti-Eugene in the very next episode. He cowers and runs back inside. "It's not your time", she tells Rosita. She hurries on inside while Rosita is forced to escape. Seriously, I've got to be on-set for Star Trek: "Discovery in a few weeks". First, Negan must be removed as the show's central focus.

So, when AMC released the images from the penultimate episode of Season 7 a bit earlier today, I instantly saw some indicators of juicy comic plot twists that might be just around the bend for viewers. I think I speak for all of us when I declare that it's about damn time. Since then, this is the first time he and Maggie are having screen time together. When Norman Reedus allows us to witness a Daryl breakdown, it might as well be rocket fuel for our tear ducts. If Maggie knew the plan it would endanger her because she'd want to join.

By virtue of the fact that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is pregnant, it's safe to say that she's not dying anytime soon. We'll see Rick and the group tested in ways we've never seen before. Season 7 Episode 15 is entitled "Something They Need". Will she be killed by Negan, whom she had promised to murder to avenge the death of Abraham? This future we're fighting for is for us, for our children and for future generations. Jesus didn't take well to being threatened. It's not even questionable - Team Maggie is the only way to go for the Hilltop.

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