President Trump signs order rolling back environmental efforts

Environmentalists are terrified after President Trump shockingly signed executive orders to overturn climate change policies put into place by Barack Obama. The governors of NY and California reacted to Trump's action by highlighting their commitments to exceed Clean Power Plan targets while noting that together they represent about 20 percent of Americans and 20 percent of the nation's gross domestic product.

Environmental groups heaped scorn on Trump's order, arguing it was risky and went against the broader global trend toward cleaner energy technologies.

The Democrat said Trump's directive, signed Tuesday, "will not deter Colorado's efforts", arguing that natural gas is more economical than coal and that the state's leadership in the wind and solar energy fields is a "boon to our economy, jobs and the environment".

The VanEck Vectors Coal exchange-traded fund (KOL) gained 0.94% on the news.

"It is an issue that deserves attention", the official said of climate change.

"We're going to go in a different direction", a senior White House official told reporters ahead of Tuesday's order. "It is very simple".

U.S. President Donald Trump hands out a pen after signing an Energy Independence Executive Order at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters on March 28, 2017.

The order also directs the elimination of restrictions on federal coal leasing and reconsideration of rules governing methane regulations and the federal government's use of the social cost of carbon. Trump's order restores the previous policy, which discounts those future costs in relation to the present-day benefits of energy. If not already struck down by the courts, the Environmental Protection Agency would have to go through a new rulemaking process to seek comments on any new rule dismantling the Obama policy.

"These actions are an assault on American values and they endanger the health, safety and prosperity of every American", said billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, the head of activist group NextGen Climate.

Atlanta-based Southern Company, parent company of Georgia Power, welcomed Trump's action, saying the Clean Power Plan is "flawed, overreaching and unworkable".

President Donald Trump wears his environmental heart - or lack thereof - on his sleeve. Their skepticism, at odds with the overwhelming majority of scientists, comes as many parts of the nation, including Long Island, suffer from the effects of climate change.

He said that they hurt industry and kill jobs. "That's what we should be focusing on".

They point to the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled three times that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and qualifies as a "threat" to human health.

"If anything it may slow employment growth and economic development as one of the fastest growing sectors in the the clean energy sector". "We will transport American energy through American pipelines made with American steel, made with American steel, can you believe somebody would actually say that?" he said.

Trump's order could make it more hard, though not impossible, for the achieve its carbon reduction goals.

America's coal industry has always been in decline, with natural gas, cheap renewable energy, automation and tricky geology making the sooty fuel a less lucrative prospect.

"My hope is that maybe as ex-president I can have a little more influence on some of my Republican friends, who I think up until now have been resistant to the science", hetold the New York Times in September. "It says, 'You're going back to work'".

"My administration is putting an end to the war on coal", Trump said.

If Trump has his way, our air will resemble that of China and our water nationwide will be ever worse off than Flint, Mighigan, all in the name of bringing dirty, environmentally-damaging jobs back to the United States.

Trump will also seek to align federal agencies' policies with his goal of boosting US fossil fuel production and achieving energy independence.

Former vice president Al Gore called the order "a misguided step away from a sustainable, carbon-free future for ourselves and generations to come".

Trump repeatedly promised to overturn the plan during the campaign. "I'm hopeful that this order represents the beginning of a trend under the new administration to return regulatory authority to the states".

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