Spoiler Alert: Nick Viall Chose This Woman On The Bachelor Finale

Spoiler Alert: Nick Viall Chose This Woman On The Bachelor Finale

Spoiler Alert: Nick Viall Chose This Woman On The Bachelor Finale

Will there be a proposal on The Bachelor finale Monday night?

Nick's final date with Vanessa began as a hike to a special secret destination: the snow-covered cottage of Santa Claus, which had a special gift for her.

"Nick, when I'm with you, I'm the happiest I've ever been", Vanessa gushes. With that being said, the only Viall who doesn't seem sold on Raven is Nick. Of course only time will tell if Nick and Vanessa are the real deal. It appears that he's not sure if the woman he chooses would accept his proposal.

Raven then reassures Nick's father that she's in love with his son, but dad is more interested in how his son feels, a.k.a. the thing Raven wants to know more than anything but can't. She is a big foodie - but always keeps herself in awesome shape by taking part in sports and working out. "It's so good! I'm not kidding!" But, per the Vanessa way, the conversation turns pretty heavy afterward.

In the season finale of the ABC reality show, Viall proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi in Finland, and she happily accepted.

"What's the victor going to do with her time this summer while nick is filming BIP?" tweeted season 17 rose-giver Sean Lowe. Hyperaware that Raven was still in the game, Nick didn't want to dole out false confidence. The Vialls reaffirm their love for Raven and discover that Vanessa is also a contender. She made it clear she would only stay if he was serious about finding true love not lust. But, Raven has enough reasons to be happy about.

After a quick visit from resident best friend Neil Lane, Nick settles in to make his choice. Why does he let her go first?

Raven joins Nick on stage to discuss their break-up. She will be the one to call the shots and pick the man of her dreams. She deserved the world, but simplicity is not always the answer.

From Nick's mom to his sister, Vanessa expresses her desire to never leave Canada. "And as heartbreaking as it was to say goodbye to her, I'm just very thankful that Bachelor Nation will get more of Rachel and I couldn't be more excited to watch her".

And with that, our eternal Bachelor has found his potential bride.

A clean-shaven Viall first joined "The Bachelorette" in 2014 on Andi Dorfman's season. After he proposes and she says yes, Nick says, "It's great!"

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