'The Walking Dead' Confirms Fan Theory With Gut-Wrenching Death

'The Walking Dead' Confirms Fan Theory With Gut-Wrenching Death

'The Walking Dead' Confirms Fan Theory With Gut-Wrenching Death

The same thing happened with Benjamin (Logan Miller), aka Young Benjamin, on Sunday's episode, "Bury Me Here".

Welp, that was a lot. This obviously freaks the shit out of everyone, but he then explains that Richard was behind the melon drama, and that he was intentionally trying to incite violence between the Saviors and the Kingdom.

After what seems like a rough night of nightmares, Carol can't stand her self-imposed solitude any longer. Morgan won't tell her.

I appreciated the conversations about fatherhood between Richard and Morgan.

Let's cut to the chase: If the Kingdom wasn't going to help Rick and the rest of Alexandria fight the Saviors, you'd imagine someone would have to be killed for them to change their minds. That's par for the course with Carol this season.

The Kingdommers move the roadblock out of the way and carry on to where they meet the Saviors. Religion is still a factor for a few in the apocalypse (as we know with Father Gabriel), so it's interesting to see Nabila representing that and that Ezekiel welcomes it inside his walls.

King Ezekiel comments on how insane people are, and it's a miracle they haven't all gone mad. "We have to get ready", she told him. It's a one-way ticket for the both of them, though, and they know it.

RIP. Benjamin. Another one bites the dust. He was angry when he turned to see Benjamin shot instead of Richard. However, it's the compelling turn that Morgan has needed for the last season or so.

Once Jared leaves, Richard hands over the single melon they brought as instructed. Such is the case with this episode when right from the start, Morgan's Kingdom protégé Ben is mentioned with such reverence by him and Henry.

This week's episode asks: Can a missing melon spark a war? Everyone is in total shock; no one could even attempt to pull Morgan off of him. Karl Makinen's performance in this scene is brilliantly balanced and believable, making the audience understand where he's coming from.

What does this mean for these characters moving forward, though? With his plan to frame Carol dead, Richard's got a new idea for drawing the Kingdom into war - he set up that blockade as a diversion to give him time to stash a melon. It put them in a false sense of security as the group decided how best to proceed.

Their lesson plan may need some work.

Furious about a death that could have been avoided - as well as a loss that hits very close to home - a grieving Morgan winds up beating Richard to death. The Saviors, for the most part, we've seen as these thugs.

Morgan takes the box with the melon to Richard and throws it in front of him. He does find the backpack, but buries that, too. He offers to go with her, but she just shakes her head and walks away.

Man, wouldn't it be great if Lennie James and Melissa McBride were on a TV show that actually lived up to the force of their performers? We again see Jerry's love for cobbler before the first supply run. Because we also know Daryl's ability to fib to Carol only goes so far.

Christian Serratos (Rosita) also recently announced that she is pregnant and considering a number of action-packed scenes her character does in Walking Dead, it can be assumed that her character may be killed off. The fierce lady then goes back to the Kingdom and joins King Ezekiel for the battle. Carol told Daryl that if she went back to killing, there would be nothing more left of her.

We are moving slowly but surely towards a war with the Saviors, and it's taking forever.

The countdown is on for the finale of The Walking Dead. Because The Walking Dead needs an excuse for everyone to get mad and draw their guns all the time, I guess.

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