The Walking Dead, The Other Side

Will Negan's henchman survive Season 7 of The Walking Dead? While she and the others train and make weapons to trade with the Kingdom, Gregory is held up in the main house drinking every last drop of liquor he can find.

At this point Negan came in, and the audience - at least the segment of the audience not familiar with Kirkman's source material - was likely meant to assume that the series' biggest bad yet would encourage David's assault. Meanwhile, at Hilltop, Maggie tends to the crops. Negan may have cut them a sweet deal, and now they get guns from Rick on top of whatever Negan gave them, too. And honestly? If you or I were in his shoes, we might feel the same way. While it was not definitive whether or not Sasha would reveal Rick's plan to Negan, Sasha made it clear she hasn't given up on her plan to take him out. Instead, we're told that a conflict happened, and Sasha is stuck getting nearly sexually assaulted. All that and plenty more happened this week.

Maggie tells Gregory that it's never too late to change, but the impression is that his cowardice (plus his emerging alcohol problem) won't lead to a heroic rebirth. Unfortunately, all he can spare is one of his poison pills, which does her no good since what she really wanted to do was go after Negan again. Just because they were mad about Abraham? The determination of the group here was very well expressed, especially when Tara was taken hostage. A war between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors and the communities under Negan's thumb has been brewing and the finale looks poised to see this battle play out. This secondary back-up plan of infiltrating the Savior base by herself is ludicrous. Somehow I suspect Negan has inconsistently applied that particular rule. The rope talk, that whispered "Tell me how thirsty you are" - it's all gross stuff. What is Sasha's plan here? And even if she was somehow temptable, do you really want to encourage people to try and kill you as a sort of initiation run?

There were some intriguing aspects to Sasha's time in her cell, but we'll have to wait to see where they're going. Given that the motel is by the sea, it makes sense for there to be sea-related zombies.

Rick and the gang return to Alexandria, where Rosita tells him they have a visitor - Dwight.

I'm not sure what happens from here. David, one of Negan's henchman, visits her and immediately gets handsy. He knifed the guard intent on raping Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) delivering his signature wisecracks as his man bled out (we were left to work out for ourselves that Sasha had been apprehended in the course of last week's suicidal attack on the compound). It would just be goofy.

So it's less about whether next week's finale will contain the entirety of what the comic books spent a dozen-ish issues covering (under the we're-not-going-to-undersell-this narrative-arc title "All Out War") then whether the conflict starts up at all. And perhaps they'll be tossed into the fray in the finale.

I think that's fine, but I don't think Sasha got enough of a fair shake compared to Holly, a character who was around for a lot less time and got to do much cooler things before her death.

The finale is nearly here, and the communities are finally gearing up for war.

Needless to say, Negan's not exactly on board with forging a truce through his own death. I want to qualify that by saying this is nothing like true misery-it's still just a TV show that only takes up 45 minutes of my life each week-but the qualified misery comes from the fact that its ineffectiveness is so obvious and so simple, and it recurs with dulling regularity. While "The Other Side" promised conflict, "Something They Need" let it go to waste.

Most inconsequential character: Aaron's boyfriend, Eric, showed up for 30 seconds in this episode, substantially more than he has all season.

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