After HB2 revision, ACC says North Carolina can again host championship events

After HB2 revision, ACC says North Carolina can again host championship events

After HB2 revision, ACC says North Carolina can again host championship events

Those who called for the repeal of North Carolina's "bathroom bill" got what they wanted yesterday - and still, says pro-family leader Tony Perkins, they're "absolutely livid" because it didn't go far enough.

It was one of the most controversial state laws in recent times and led to many boycotts from companies, music stars and sports organisations.

Governor Cooper, who signed the compromise bill, says he would have preferred a clean repeal.

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin said the repeal bill was a "disaster" which only "doubles down on discrimination" of LGBT people in the state.

"The NCAA, everything they've said says that this (new) law will not bring them back".

The bill's repeal is being met with resistance from those on both sides of the issue, from original supporters of the measure who believe people will be at risk to opponents of it who think the repeal doesn't do enough to prevent discrimination.

Mac McCorkle, a political consultant to the two previous North Carolina Democratic governors, said he doesn't think complaints from outside groups will hurt Cooper unless he disappoints them repeatedly. They will continue to throw their full weight behind gaining equal protections for all North Carolinians, they said.

"Putting any kind of moratorium on civil rights, whether six months or three years long, is unsafe and wrong", she said. Also boycotting: the ACC, NBA, major entertainers and companies - criticizing HB2 for discriminating against transgender individuals.

What lawmakers signed in exchange for the "repeal" of HB2 was a moratorium on local ordinances "regulating public accommodations or private employment practices" - or basic anti-discrimination laws - until December 1, 2020.

The NCAA, which is in the process of selecting host cities for its championships for 2018-2022, will make an announcement on whether North Carolina meets the criteria to be considered for hosting its championship events next week.

The ACC men's basketball tournament is scheduled to be held in Charlotte in 2019 and Greensboro in 2020.

Pearl Jam, Ringo Starr, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas and Ani DiFranco subsequently canceled North Carolina shows in support of the LGBT community after Springsteen.

In protest of HB2, the ACC had moved championship events that were not held on campus sites out of North Carolina, following the leadership of entities like the NCAA, musical celebrities and New York State, which banned the use of state money to pay for non-essential travel to North Carolina. But he said it got HB2 repealed and restored some local LGBT protections for workers and contracts. "They've removed some of those but not all of them", Emmert said.

Mr. Cooper said the compromise with the Republican-controlled legislature was "not ideal", but he held out hope that the repeal would start to "repair our reputation".

"North Carolina appears to be replacing their original law with a new measure that is similar to our state's SB 6, the Texas Privacy Act", Republican state Sen. But numerous same people who spent past year protesting Republican Gov.

A sign next to the men's bathroom inside Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina denounces North Carolina's HB2 legislation on June 21, 2016. "It is. But can we conduct them in a way that's consistent with our values?"

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