Chris Simms: 'I had to tell my dad first' about CBS demotion

Chris Simms: 'I had to tell my dad first' about CBS demotion

Chris Simms: 'I had to tell my dad first' about CBS demotion

On April 4, 2017, CBS replaced its lead TV analyst, Phil Simms, with former National Football League quarterback Tony Romo. By the time he was healthy, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett opted to stick with Dak Prescott as the starter. He missed last season with a broken leg, while Romo appeared in just one game.

It is not known whether Jones paid off part of that $20 million salary, which would not be uncommon for him, or even whether Romo simply couldn't pass a physical anymore, but if he gets any more back injuries it will be his own fault. Sure Romo holds multiple Cowboys franchise marks, including passing yards and passing touchdowns.

The evidences are gradually starting to spill and fall into its places for veteran quarterback Tony Romo's future. Long-rumoured to be his preferred landing spot, Romo admitted on a conference call with reporters that the Texans were on the top of his list. On 2nd and 4 with 6:18 remaining in the third quarter, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt came storming around left tackle Tyron Smith for what looked like a sack. They need the arms just to get through the offseason work and training camp. My feeling is the appreciation for Romo will grow over the years. It wouldn't have been different if Tony Romo was the quarterback. This game also proved to be a coming-out party of some sorts for Darius Slay, as he locked down Bryant for much of the game.

Romo said his release was a financial consideration - he would have had to repay a portion of his signing bonus upon retirement - and he praised Jones despite the sudden change of plans when free agency opened early last month.

Prescott led Dallas to 13 victories and earned Pro Bowl recognition this past season, all during his rookie campaign with the Cowboys. The teams combined for 41 points in the fourth quarter as the game evolved into a shootout.

Romo: Yes, he was listed as a victor earlier in this story, but in Romo's concession speech to Prescott in November - the one in which he recognized the reins to the team now belonged to the rookie - he acknowledged how much he wanted to compete and play.

A year later, the Cowboys lost their playoff opener to the New York Giants as the No. 1 seed in the NFC, a defeat that stung even more for fans because Romo went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, during the bye week with several teammates.

It was the beginning of a process that ended with Romo retiring from football Tuesday. Prescott called Moore the "genius behind the scenes". And he ran with the opportunity.

So it's been a hot minute since we were without the dimpled Cowboys star suited up on the Dallas sidelines - and if the timeline doesn't properly convey just how much time has passed, this time lapse GIF of how Romo has aged since his rookie season probably will. "I hope that I'm able to make the CBS family proud of their decision".

"For me, I will remember that ultra-driven athlete who worked his tail off to learn how to ideal the proper throwing motion".

For fans and critics of the ex-Cowboys' quarterback, you're still going to see plenty of Tony Romo in your life.

What are your favorite Tony Romo memories?

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