Christians mark Easter at Jerusalem site of Jesus's resurrection

Based on direct evidence from the mid-second century, it is believed that Easter was regularly celebrated from the earliest days of the Church.

One can argue that this day, Easter Sunday, represents a day that is in many ways far more important and far-reaching than a day that had them gathered in the church pews only a few months ago - that being Christmas Day.

"The great gift of Easter is about hope - Christian hope which makes us have confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake".

We greet this Easter Day with the bright promise of new life.

Shaukat Masih, a resident of Christian Colony behind HFH, said prepared Easter eggs are expensive, and so they chose to decorate eggshells as presents for relatives.

Hong Kong - Restaurants offer special menu every Easter and you can explore various bakery shops for unique treats like chocolate bunnies and egg symbols.

In this mystery we pray for those who have lost hope in God or those who can not find meaning or goal in life.

The birth of Jesus Christ unfolds the mystery of the magnificence and magnanimity of God's domain, Shahid said.

"It feels like the world is tearing apart at the seams, but it's a world that needs us as people of faith now more than ever", he said. Indeed, as somebody once said, change begins with me. After the special Easter Holy Mass at the church, Filipinos prepare various special dishes, sometimes with the most important and the King of the table "Lechon".

"On Easter Sunday, we have an increase, maybe a 40-50 percent increase over typical Sunday". He meant that despite evil, hatred, violence and death all around us, believers in Easter courageously continue with their works of love, service and self-sacrifice.

During this time of year we hear a lot about this one called Jesus Christ. That first day of the week is the day that we worship.

"The death of Jesus to pay a debt he did not owe, for the salvation of you and I who would never have been able to pay, is the ultimate story of a second chance at redemption".

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