Diagnostic of the problem

Diagnostic of the problem

Diagnostic of the problem

The best way to solve printer problems is to follow two steps: first, diagnose the problem and, secondly, apply the right solutions until solved.

P> You will find the information necessary to establish a diagnosis and solve the most common problems in online troubleshooting, in the control panel, in the EPSON Status Monitor utility or by performing a check of the printer's operation. Please refer to the appropriate section below.

If you have a problem with print quality, a non-quality print problem, or a paper feed problem, or if nothing is printed

You may have to cancel printing to solve the problem.

Error indicators

You can identify many of the most Thanks to the printer's light indicators. If the printer stops working and the indicators are on or flashing, refer to the following table to diagnose the problem and then follow the recommended corrective measures.

Problem and solution

No paper is loaded.

Put paper in the sheet feeder, and then press the maintenance button. The printer will resume printing and the indicator will turn off.

Paper Jam

Paper has jammed in the printer. There is an ink cartridge that is either exhausted or uninstalled.

There is no ink


Replace the ink cartridge with a new one. If the indicator remains lit after replacing the cartridge, it may not be installed correctly. Return the cartridge down until it clicks into place. See Replacing a Depleted Ink Cartridge

Change the incompatible ink cartridge to the appropriate one. See Replacing an ink cartridge before it runs out

Poorly installed ink cartridge

There is an ink cartridge

There is an ink cartridge almost depleted.

/ P>

Get a replacement ink cartridge. To find out which cartridge is almost exhausted, check the status of the ink cartridges. See Ink Cartridge Status Check

Cartridge support is in the wrong position.

Cartridges is blocked because there is clogged paper or other foreign material and can not return to the home position.

Diagnostic of the problem
Diagnostic of the problem

Turn off the printer. Open the printer cover and remove the paper or anything that obstructs the paper path. Then turn on the printer. If the error does not disappear, contact Epson.

The discarded ink pad has almost reached the end of its life.


The waste ink pad is saturated.

Go to Epson to replace it.

> If a problem occurs during printing, an error message will appear in the Status Monitor window.

When you need to replace an ink cartridge, click the How to button. The window and the EPSON Status Monitor will guide you step by step through the cartridge replacement procedure.

If an error message appears indicating that there are internal parts of the printer near the end of its life, It means that the ink jet disc is saturated. Go to Epson to replace it.

If you share the printer over a network with the following combinations of computers, the client operating system will not be able to communicate with the printer, so some functions will not be available on that client.

/ p>

Checking Printer Operation

If you can not find the cause of the problem, perform a check of the printer's operation to determine if the source is in the printer or on the computer. / p>

Follow these steps to perform a check of printer operation.

Turn off the printer and computer. >

Make sure there is letter or A4 size paper.

Disconnect the USB cable from the printer.

loaded on the sheet feeder.

Hold down the maintenance button while pressing the power button to turn on the printer. When the printer is turned on, release the two buttons.

A test page with a nozzle check pattern will be printed. If blank spaces appear in the pattern, you will need to clean the print head.

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