Hannah Horvath welcomes baby Grover on Girls series finale

Hannah Horvath welcomes baby Grover on Girls series finale

Hannah Horvath welcomes baby Grover on Girls series finale

It was the type of self-centered declaration only an idealistic, fresh-out-of-college twentysomething could make. Hannah disrobed and offered up her clothing, only to angrily ask for it back upon learning that the teen ran away after her mother told her to do her homework.

Girls came to an end on Sunday and Twitter wasn't in love with it. Hannah wakes with a startle, not expecting to wake with her best friend's arm draped around her, not to mention a co-parenting pitch. And as Dunham had already warned, Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) weren't in the episode at all, Jessa having landed safely back with Adam (Adam Driver) and Shoshanna having surprised her friends with a new fiancé before essentially calling off the friendship in the bathroom at her engagement party.

And there's a reason for that - it's because of that real-ness critics raved about in season 1. "Girls'" relationship with nudity comes full-circle, as Hannah's breasts are shown just as casually as they have been for the last six seasons ―only this time, in the sexless context of breastfeeding. (Odd that the finale made no real mention of Hannah's professional goals, since so much of the series hinged on her writing career.) The show's bottle episodes are often successful, at times masterful pieces of TV writing, and Hannah is inarguably the main character of Girls-but the show's title is not singular.

Why She's Terrible: The aforementioned "voice of my generation" statement, plus plenty of other similar declarations. While the show's penultimate episode, "Goodbye Tour", certainly would have done the job - it bid farewell to our central cast of characters - the use of "Latching" as a conclusion, while initially seemingly unnecessary, evidently delivered the ending to a story the show had been telling us all along. Dunham's Hannah can be grating and frustrating (though rarely lovable), in the kind of way that makes you forget she's also the world's worst poster girl for Hillary Clinton. "She knows how to nurture, even if it's not always her first instinct". She also has said she wants to be a filmmaker. Grover is forever and she must make the decision to be there for him every day the same way she chose to be his mother. She seems like someone fleeing trauma and so Hannah, in her own very Hannah-esque way, tries to help. Wandering the quiet streets, she comes across a distraught teenage girl wearing no shoes or trousers and peels off her own, offering them to what she assumes is the victim of some sort of domestic abuse. Totally ridiculous and dramatic and exactly what Hannah was doing at that moment. Marnie had her own issues with her boyfriend, Charlie (Christopher Abbott). But it's clear Hannah needs the help, as does Marnie, who calls in Loreen (Becky Ann Baker).

It took some harsh words from Loreen (Becky Ann Baker) and a weird encounter with a trousers less teen to make Hannah snap out of this dark phase in her life. Clearly what the two of them are doing has an expiration date. Hannah rails at Marnie for not being more supportive, but of course Hannah's too self-involved to see that Marnie, too, is struggling. And while she was the sentimental one who wanted to keep the group in tact, her actions - not really talking to Hannah in her time of need, among other things - proved otherwise.

According to Marie Claire, Hannah's friend Marnie (Allison Williams) broke into her new home in hopes of raising her baby boy Grover. She adds, "It established a condition (the eventual birth of a baby) that demanded growth from her - and then set her up to grow in precisely the way it needed her to in order to get her there". It's her big epiphany that everything will be okay, that's it's hard as hell, but she can do it and she and Grover are going to be just fine. "But we're not massive regret people, are we, Jenni?" she continued. Yes, she was annoying.

It is truly shocking to see Marnie in Hannah's new house since we know the squad has been growing apart for some time now. "Hannah has become an author, become a teacher, become a parent". And thanks to two dysfunctional but passionate relationships (with Hannah and Jessa), his next one will be his healthiest yet and turn him into the hipster Brooklyn dad he's so ready to be.

Girls premiered in 2012 to an immediate shitstorm of disdain, critical praise, charges of obliviousness and nepotism, and in the uglier parts of the internet, fierce shaming because women like Dunham who dared to get naked and filthy onscreen. But no one's giving her permission either; she's just able to fake the authority a little better, on more sleep and with fewer hormones. Not far from some people's reality post-baby. As much as they comforted each other, they could also be toxic for each other as well.

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