How Can Simms Be 'Blindsided' By CBS' Romo Hire?

It's extremely obvious that the former Cowboys signal caller is still in current/active athlete "I don't want to make headlines by what I say in public" mode.

Hawkins' initial response: "Oh, OK". There's not a more loyal guy that you'll ever meet. They go around and smile when they're face to face, and then they go home and they must be like, 'I fucking hate everybody. "I've had a few brief discussions with CBS in regard to the future and we have decided at the moment that we will regroup within the next month or so and figure out what his future role will be".

For them to say [Simms was demoted for Twitter response], have they looked at Jim Nantz's Twitter feed? Next thing you know, you see players doing all kinds of things under the category of detrimental conduct.

In order to get some more insight into how the market now is, and therefore what might happen with Jay Cutler, Romo would be the ideal person to speak with.

In a must-win Week 16 game against the Washington Redskins to force another must-win game in Week 17 against the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East title in 2013, Romo came through in the waning moments despite suffering a herniated disc in his lower back.

He was the No. 1 CBS analyst but was replaced by Tony Romo, who recently retired from playing.

That move gave Romo more time to consider retirement, and the likelihood appeared to grow when he played in a golf tournament last week.

During the winning streak, Romo held a press conference and announced Prescott had earned the right to be the quarterback of the team.

But Romo is a TV wild-card, someone who wouldn't have even been considered as Nantz's sidekick had he starred in a smaller market instead of being the all-time leading passer for America's team. But in a recent interview with SBNation, Prescott said he shared text messages with the former Cowboys starter and thanked him for everything he taught him in the one year as teammates.

"I've known my nature and I've known my competitive side", said Romo, whose departure has been expected since a November speech conceding the Dallas job to Prescott. Romo went just 16 for 33 with two interceptions and just one score. His 25 fourth-quarter comebacks tie him for 14th in National Football League history. Romo certainly racked up bigger stats than those guys, but he also played in a different, passing era.

"I really think all those things are on the table", he said. Romo was clearly better in his second and fourth through ninth seasons, while Warner ruled in his first, third and final two seasons with Romo injured his final two years.

The Cowboys did their best to find another team for Romo to join, but there were no takers.

From broken collarbones to ruptured disks to compression fractures, Romo's dealt with essentially every common quarterback injury apart from an ACL tear and concussion issues.

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