IRS reminds taxpayers the filing deadline is Tuesday

IRS reminds taxpayers the filing deadline is Tuesday

IRS reminds taxpayers the filing deadline is Tuesday

These extensions, however, do not provide more time to pay what you owe.

The deadline is later this year due to several factors.

The usual April 15 deadline fell this year on Saturday - which normally would push the deadline to Monday. The USPS also is encouraging filers to check what time the mail goes out, if you miss the deadline you may have to file an extension.

Six months is generally the longest amount of time allowed for an extension for filing taxes, though certain exemptions exist. The average refund is $2,851.

The deadline to file is 11:59 p.m. April 18.

Arizonans have until Tuesday to claim close to $25 million in tax refunds left on the table from the 2013 tax season, part of more than $1 billion nationally in unclaimed refunds from that year.

If the extra three days isn't enough, taxpayers can request an automatic six-month extension on filing an income-tax return.

The IRS won't reject an extension request, unless you're being investigated or are in some kind of trouble already with the IRS, Veldt said.

It's a valid question, and the best answer I can give you is to come up with a rough estimate and start making payments. Your AGI and filing status will determine which tax bracket you fall into, and therefore what tax rate (s) you will pay.

The clock is ticking until Tax Day, this year falling on April 18. Submitting a tax extension form is easy.

"Failure to file can be very expensive for a taxpayer if they owe taxes", Gillend said.

But if all this looks like a grind, don't forget, you can file an extension! First, you can set up a monthly payment arrangement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Where can I file my tax returns online? Allow two weeks after e-filing or from four to six weeks after paper filing a MI return before checking a refund's status.

The penalty for paying late is 0.5 percent for every month that the outstanding tax is not paid.

Find more information at Taxpayers should make a copy of their signed return and all supporting schedules for their personal records. Non-tax reasons for transcripts include income verification for student or mortgage loans.

These extensions also apply to other tax-related actions, including the deadline for contributing to an IRA. Taxpayers who earn $64,000 or less can return to Free File before October 16 to prepare and e-file their taxes for free.

Filing an extension is free. H&R Block recommends that you speak with a tax specialist to make sure you know all the deductions you qualify for. There are new rules this year. Any of these issues can be handled by visiting, eliminating the need to travel to an IRS office.

Then we have to account for hidden taxes. A complete list of designated combat zone localities can be found in Publication 3, Armed Forces' Tax Guide, available on

The last date for tax filing for your state is the same as the federal deadline: April 18.

Forty-one states levy an income tax, and many Americans also pay a city or county income tax.

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