North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan

South Korea's foreign ministry also condemned the launch as a blunt challenge to a series of UN Security Council resolutions targeting North Korea's nuclear and missile programme.

Ahead of a meeting between China's President Xi Jinping, left, and President Donald Trump, the reportedly discussing preventing Chinese investors from buying Westinghouse's nuclear business.

Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff say in a statement that the missile fired from the North's eastern coastal town of Sinpo on Wednesday morning flew about 37 miles.

"When I advocated the possibility of a surgical strike against the North Koreans on Meet the Press, moderator Tim Russert asked me about the possibility that nuclear fallout might pollute Asia as a effect of our taking action".

Wednesday's firing was made as South Korean and U.S. troops were conducting annual military drills that North Korea views as an invasion rehearsal.

The US is "rapidly and dangerously" edging closer to taking military action against North Korea, Jack Keane, a four-star general close to Trump who declined a role in the cabinet, told the Times of London.

Wit said the clash in objectives for North Korea would create "problems that the Chinese can take advantage of", further relegating the United States to the sidelines without the North making a single concession.

United States officials said the latest missile launch used a solid-fueled rocket from a mobile launcher.

Trump will host China's President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida for their first face-to-face meeting, where the growing tensions on the Korean peninsula are expected to be high on the agenda.

South Korea's Foreign Ministry called the North's latest missile launch a "reckless provocation" that posed a threat to global peace, while Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the country lodged a strong protest over the launch. Or was the launch just part of its broader missile development programs, with outsiders reading too much from a routine weapons test?

"North Korea clearly is a matter of urgent interest for the president and the administration as a whole".

North Korea has long fired missiles and detonated nuclear devices during major political events in South Korea and the United States, and before or during regional talks.

Dollar and other experts said top targets for the United States' efforts to level the playing field will also include addressing China's abuse of USA intellectual property, high tariffs on certain goods and stricter labor standards that make Chinese manufacturer's more competitive.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has warned further provocative action from North Korea is possible in the near future as the isolated nation shows no signs of abating in their mission for full nuclear capability. Last Friday, the Trump administration signaled that concrete negotiations about trade would nearly certainly be delayed until after a 90-day "comprehensive review" of USA trade deficits, including the one with China.

"I've joked before that they don't mind being hated, but they definitely hate to be ignored", Ralph Cossa, president of the Pacific Forum CSIS think tank in Honolulu, said after Wednesday's launch.

North Korea also exports other commodities, and basic goods such as iron ore, seafood and clothing, to China. "The clock has now run out and all options are on the table for us". While Hong is unlikely to win, he's brought this issue back into the discourse-and so the U.S. Senate is not the only place where a certain nuclear option is being discussed.

Satellite imagery in recent weeks has indicated that Pyongyang may be preparing for its sixth nuclear test, which would follow two nuclear tests and a flurry of missile tests over the previous year.

Tillerson also might stop making routine statements after every North Korean provocation or missile launch, Bong said. -China diplomacy, and on the US side very incomplete policy development and staffing.

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