Samsung security stumble? S8 reviewer unlocks phone with selfie

Samsung's latest, gen-next flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were announced on the 29th of March after a long wait. They both meet all of the requirements for Daydream, including having an AMOLED display. As a result users are wondering what each has to offer. Samsung chose to make both models a curved smartphone, which means this year your only choice is the size, and not a curved or a flat display. But in the video, a user unlocks one Galaxy S8 by presenting it with a photograph of himself displayed on the screen of another Galaxy S8.

Bixby is slated to get its official release on April 21 when the Galaxy S8 hits store shelves. The feature signifies a presumptuous design progress for the company as it endeavors to create buzz and recover customer trust among decreasing global demand for smartphones. We have high expectations about the new S8 phones even after the Note 7 fiasco so they should be worth the wait. Is it enough to warrant an upgrade or sway potential buyers though?

With details of the coming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus generating lots of positive reviews for Samsung, it's possible sales for the new Android phones could be stronger than expected, "The Street" reported yesterday. However, one should not think that it is the best smartphone ever.

Samsung's Bixby assistant is still in the growing phase, which means that there are still many functions that it is not able to perform like its rivalling assistants Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Unsurprisingly, they were unsuccessful, and there's no apparent reason as to why. However, Synaptics couldn't develop such a sensor in time for the Galaxy S8 and S8+'s mass production. It's the ideal balance.

A major new feature of the phone is the artificially intelligent voice assistant dubbed Bixby - effectively the company's answer to the iPhone's Siri. Just like we were, when trying this out during the event in NYC. Instead, get the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. Samsung seemingly checked all of the boxes with these two devices, but that doesn't mean it's the ideal smartphone. It's all about personal preference, price or individual needs.

With every new generation of smartphones, the updates have been increasingly incremental - slightly faster processor, better camera, more efficient software and so on. Without further delay, check out the slideshow below full of helpful information, photos and more.

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