Trump thumps Freedom Caucus over health care

Trump thumps Freedom Caucus over health care

Trump thumps Freedom Caucus over health care

"I think he's still just negotiating", said Representative Thomas Massie, a Kentucky conservative who is not in the Freedom Caucus but close to some of its members.

Trump's threat comes as Republican leaders are bracing for a month of potential GOP infighting over spending priorities.

Trump tweeted that the caucus will hurt the Republican agenda if they don't get on the team fast, and added, "We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!" Trump said on Twitter.

President Donald Trump has indicated that he expects the law to "explode". To his credit, he has stood with the Speaker through the debacle, saving his ire for the Freedom Caucus, and rightly so.

In an interview with CBS "This Morning,"Ryan said he was concerned that if the House Republican conference didn't get a healthcare bill passed, President Donald Trump would move on and work with Democrats".

Trump initially faulted Democrats for rejecting the bill, but on several occasions since then, including today, he lashed out at the hardline conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus.

A spokesman for the northern Colorado Republican said Buck hasn't been to the White House, or spoken with Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, anytime in the last week.

The statement quickly earned a rebuke from a senior member of his own party. Sen.

And the moderates who don't call themselves moderates of the Tuesday Group are now saying they won't even meet with conservatives to iron out differences on the health care bill.

"If you say, 'This is Obamacare, it's failing, ' people can say, 'Well, we elected you to fix it, '" said Tom Davis, a former Republican congressman from Virginia who headed the House GOP's campaign committee.

Two Republican lawmakers, describing plans on the condition of anonymity, said Wednesday that House leaders would consider working into the weekend, although it was unclear what changes would be made to the Republicans' health bill. Last week, Trump publicly pointed to the other party for refusing to cooperate on the bill, an incredulity-defying comment since no Democrat was eager to replace Obamacare, nor did the White House conduct any real outreach across the aisle. Repeal and replace the affordable care act, they couldn't do it. They claimed the proposal did not go far enough in its repeal and did not include numerous provisions President Trump promised during his campaign, such as removing the "artificial lines" that stopped individuals from purchasing health insurance across state lines.

Lack of Republican buy-in ultimately doomed the bill. "If they're interesting in having our support, it's kind of on them to come to us".

Although the bill was declared dead when a vote on the legislation was canceled, the authors note that the Trump administration has already begun to make fundamental changes to the current law outside of legislation, including proposed rule changes that would weaken patient protections and make it more hard for people to enroll in coverage.

"They want everything their way", Dunn says of the Freedom Caucus.

"I don't take it personally", Meadows said Friday after speaking at the event at UNC Asheville. There were a great many concerns about the plan: the proposed deregulation of the private health insurance industry, the increased prices that would have befallen older Americans, the full repeal of the Medicaid expansion and the cuts to women's health care. Once lawmakers return on April 17, they will have eight scheduled legislative business days to figure out how to avoid a government shutdown on April 28.

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