'Alien: Covenant': Will the film answer these important questions?

'Alien: Covenant': Will the film answer these important questions?

'Alien: Covenant': Will the film answer these important questions?

"I stopped after one day because I heard my neighbour go, 'I wish that guy would stop practicing the d**n flute!' So I got the message!" he laughed on Good Morning America.

Do the deep-dish ideas get in the way of the gut-busting, or is it the other way around? That which enables the spread of face-huggers and their progeny is just as bad or worse.

While not as masterful as his 1979 "Alien" - but then, what could be? - it's an improvement on his mythology-heavy 2012 prequel "Prometheus".

Added Sarah Aubrey, EVP Original Programming at TNT: "We're looking to create a programming block filled with the kind of imaginative, awe-inspiring storytelling that has made science fiction such a beloved and enduring genre". The beats of the story are highly familiar to fans - perhaps a bit too familiar - and so it's the details that determine how good the film is.

As the bodies pile up, there are new and even more horrifying discoveries, some of which will answer the question of what happened to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the badly damaged robot, David, last seen fleeing the Prometheus story. All narrative loose ends tied off nicely.

In the movie, the Covenant spaceship is on a mission to establish a new human colony on a distant habitable planet in the time when Earth is no longer able to sustain human life, as could occur if the planet continues to warm beyond safe levels. After many decades, the filmmaker is obviously intrigued by more than the visceral, existential, and body horror he defined in the original-he now is out to make a Creation myth for the monster that still haunts moviegoers. Not as unmemorable as "Life", but quite rigid in the way it dispenses action, gore, and scares.

Witness the flight of the Covenant, a colonizing space ship of 2104 headed for Origae 6. Surprising to say the least.

The beloved captain of the ship dies, leaving the by-the-book, self-doubting Oram (Billy Crudup) in command. There's mention that he's a "man of faith" among a group of scientists, but this dichotomy isn't explored almost as much as one might expect.

We still don't have much information about the Decon alien, or where the Neomorph comes from. Even though she's dressed like Ripley and given all the tools to be the hero, as a character, Daniels doesn't connect the same way. She's strong and fearless. He's the only actor who knows they're in a thriller and not a random alien film. Everything in Alien was new and surprising - 38 years later, we largely know what to expect.

Equally amusing to McBride was showing up to the sci-fi set and seeing Pineapple Express costar James Franco. The crew and colonists sleep in suspended animation, watched over by an android called Walter (Michael Fassbender, the "X-Men" movies, "Steve Jobs"). Fassbender is great here.

It's, naturally, a scary movie full of dramatic moments. It attacks the lone living Engineer, who then births a proto-Xenomorph.

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