Destiny 2: for PC, 4 Player Fireteams - Rumour

In arguably the biggest news to come out of today's Destiny 2 gameplay reveal event, the game's developers, Bungie, announced that it will be exclusive to Blizzard's platform on the PC platform.

To make your life even easier, we've embedded the YouTube player above, so simply head back here at 6pm BST tonight to watch the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal live.

For those of you who have never played Destiny: Destiny 2 is a loot-based first-person shooter with an emphasis on both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. It seems like they'll be changing that for the better in this game. Loss is one of the central focuses of the campaign. Existing players will lose their weapons, armor and other assorted collectibles. The Guardians fall at the hands of Commander Ghaul. This new mode is called Countdown and is described as the "the first ever attack/defend mode in Destiny".

In addition to this, Bungie stressed on a new map allowing immediate travel from one planet to another without having players to go into orbit - which served as a loading screen.

Clans can customize their own banners and messages. Each of the three available player types will have new classes. Dawnblade is a Zelda-like energy sword ability, Sentinel is a massive throwable shield and Arcstrider is a massive melee staff. And there will, of course, be new guns to shoot aliens in the face with.

Right now we know about four new areas to explore: the European Dead Zone on Earth, the moons of Titan and Io, and the Vex-controlled planetoid Nessus.

Where the first Destiny had Dinklebot (Peter Dinklage) lazily taking center-stage, Destiny 2 is putting the focus on the leaders of the Guardians in Destiny 2. If you remember how annoying it was to gather people for a raid, this revamped system will be a godsend. During a reveal livestream, the companies confirmed that the shooting sequel would deliver more of what fans loved of the first game while also making some all-important quality of life improvements.

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