France's Le Pen upstages rival Macron with stop at factory

France's Le Pen upstages rival Macron with stop at factory

France's Le Pen upstages rival Macron with stop at factory

Macron added that he had not arrived to make big promises, but the candidate did warn Whirlpool employees that if Le Pen was elected president, the factory would surely be shut down.

For Macron, Le Pen's anti-European Union, anti-immigration platform is based on "hatred for others" and contrasts with his desire to "calm" the country.

The far-right presidential candidate launched a scathing attack against her centrist rival, calling him "weak" in the face of Islamist terrorism.

Ms. Le Pen comes from France's far-right wing party the National Front and is anti-immigration and anti-E.U. This spirit was repeated on Sunday night when Fillon, like many LR leaders, moderates but not only, of the younger generation of leaders but not only, said they would vote Macron and asked their supporters to do so.

Paris: Marine Le Pen's narrow chances of becoming president of France hinge on swathes of the electorate not showing up at the polls on 7 May.

In the 2012 race, Socialist Francois Hollande travelled to a threatened steel plant in eastern France's rust belt in a similar pursuit of blue-collar votes. "As a result the vote for the candidate of the extreme right will not be represented as an option".

Voters in Geneva put the scandal-hit Republican candidate Fillon in the lead with 34 percent of the almost 20,000 votes cast, followed by En Marche! centrist Macron in second with 32 percent, reported 20 Minutes.

One theory is that Le Pen's decision is largely cosmetic. "I will be above partisan considerations", she said.

Le Pen has also stated that if elected, she would bar dual citizenship with non-European Union countries, distressing many French Jews who also hold Israeli citizenship, and would be forced to renounce it.

Kalifat said he was "worried to see National Front making it to the main event of French democracy", but "satisfied to see a republican in the lead" - a term that means a person who is attached to the French nation's founding values. She is the candidate supported by the FN, of course, but she was able to remind people that de Gaulle intended the presidency to be an office above the parties, to transcend the parties.

Le Pen's National Front party, from which she distanced herself Monday, has a sordid history of racism and anti-Semitism that can not be completely erased with the purging of extremists, including her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who formerly led the National Front.

After winning Sunday's contest with 24.1% to Le Pen's 21.3%, Macron gave an exuberant victory speech followed by a high-profile celebration at a famous Paris bistrot, drawing fire from some.

Le Pen continues on the same path.

"The Grand Mosque of Paris and its National Federation (FGMP) call on Muslims in France to vote massively for candidate Emmanuel Macron", Boubakeur said in a statement.

"We can win, and I'll tell you more, we will win", she said on France 2 television on Monday.

The world has changed but they don't seem to realise it and seem instead to hope that, next June, they will be strong enough to impose their leadership on the new Macron " progressive " left, right and centre En Marche! coalition. "I am the only one who can guarantee the French's protection", she stressed.

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