Love explains why the Cavaliers aren't underdogs in the NBA Finals

The Cavaliers then tried to hide him on Andre Iguodala, but the Warriors happily turned to Iguodala and let him flip up the 2007 switch for a few aggressive possessions. Everyone's on at the right time for Cleveland.

Which players are feeling the most pressure as this mega-series looms?

"Playing in this league, you can't take anything for granted", Warriors guard Stephen Curry said after the Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs 129-115 in Game Four on Monday.

While a James-Wiggins-Kyrie Irving Big Three will probably win you a lot of console championships, in the real world of NBA basketball it wasn't going to work.

What does matter is that the 32-year-old is having one of his finest postseasons, and the Cavs are gelling the way they did at this time last year. LeBron won Cleveland a championship; the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead; life is an infinitely rich pageant. The Giants won the Series 5-3 in the final best-of-nine matchup as a banged-up Ruth got just one plate appearance during the final three games, all won by the Giants.

Now, though, we have a third series. I'm taking part in practices, helping with the messaging, taking part in coaching meetings, but I'm not on the sidelines during games.

It's hard to counter what LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have done this postseason, their collective talent showing the disparity between themselves and the rest of the East. That Game 1 trend is 3-9-1 O/U since the 2004 finals.

Irving has no time to reflect on what he's already done, no matter how awesome the accomplishment.

"Want the Warriors?" he said. That was not the pinnacle of what these two great teams could do. Cleveland has the edge in the three-point shooting department.

"That nearly is kind of disrespectful because it's not like it's easy for us to get here". That was just prologue, just preamble. What's the worst-case scenario of these Finals?

As ill-timed obstacles go, the Warriors now have one: The uncertain coaching status of Steve Kerr.

Golden State is better, however, with the same core of stars (Curry, Thompson, Green) but they added superstar Kevin Durant in the offseason to create one of the strongest teams the National Basketball Association has ever seen. It would, not secondarily, also lead to a cataclysm of takes about the supposed deficiencies of the greatest player of this generation. "You know kind of their style and familiar with that". This would still be incredible. But whatever happens, Cavs-Warriors III will be the most-hyped showdown since Magic Johnson's Lakers vs. Larry Bird's Celtics in the 1980s. Every other scenario is terrific.

The Warriors are listed as seven-point favourites for Game 1 at home, according to CBS Sports.

Bovada lists the Cavs at +225 to win the series, which doesn't make any sense to Kevin Love. Does LeBron James need a win to cement his status as the best of all time?

But I insist Durant can't be what the doctor had prescribed for the Warriors.

Like I said earlier, "Winter is Here". Golden State might just have the edge in rebounding heading in to this series. Every scenario feels more vital, richer, more textured than what came before.

Is this the rubber match between these two franchises, or will there be more Finals installments in the coming years?

This is sure to be an unforgettable NBA Finals.

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