Major US Jewish Organizations Praise Trump's Israel Visit

Major US Jewish Organizations Praise Trump's Israel Visit

Major US Jewish Organizations Praise Trump's Israel Visit

During his trip, Trump pitched the idea of a coalition of Sunni Arab states against Iran and "Islamic extremism" and said Israel could find a communality of interest with such a grouping.

"Once again we reassert to you our positions", Abbas said elaborating, "accepting the two-state solution along the borders of 1967, a state of Palestine with a capital in East Jerusalem alongside Israel... and resolving longstanding issues based on global law and agreements... in accordance with Arab peace initiative".

Netanyahu then revealed that three days earlier, before US President Donald Trump's visit to the Jewish state, "the US added another $75 million to the aid package for [Israel's] missile defense program".

"We are ready to open dialogue with our Israeli neighbours to build confidence and create a real opportunity for peace", he said after talks with Trump.

Palestinians held angry protests against the visit in both West Bank and Gaza, according to a BBC report. Netanyahu said that the committed to maintaining Israel's military advantage in the Middle East.

Trump boarded Air Force One without having held a single news conference on the trip - a break in presidential precedent that allowed him to avoid facing tough questions about his foreign policy or the raging controversies involving the investigations into his campaign's possible ties to Russian Federation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a tweet declaring, "If the Manchester attacker was Palestinian and the victims Israeli, the terrorist's family would receive a stipend from Mahmoud Abbas".

During his talk at the Israel Museum, Trump placed the blame for the lack of a reached settlement between Israelis and Palestinians at the door of the Palestinians. The Obama administration gave us eight years of "daylight" between the USA and Israel, a unsafe nuclear deal with Iran and a set of policies that allowed terrorist groups to grow and thrive across the region. Trump has no such excuse - and "Principled Realism" is not really the right name for this policy.

In Israel the overall tenor of Trump's trip - which included a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial on Tuesday - and the warmth exhibited between the president and Netanyahu contrasted sharply with the Israeli prime minister's tense relationship with Obama.

Schachtel also pointed out that Tillerson refused to tell reporters that the Western Wall is the property of Israel, saying only that it is located in Jerusalem.

The President is urging the USA and Israel to boost cooperation against common threats, and declaring that Iran never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. But in his statements, Trump seemed to imply that he had reached some tentative agreements that would allow Israel to step toward normalization before, rather than after, resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

He became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site in east Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967 and later annexed in a move never recognised by the global community.

"Israel has no reason to relinquish its control of the Palestinian territories".

TRUMP: There are those who present a false choice.

The Palestinian press was equally skeptical, especially about Netanyahu's comments to Trump that "Israel also shares the commitment to peace that you expressed".

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