Priyanka Chopra champions a female James Bond

Priyanka Chopra champions a female James Bond

Priyanka Chopra champions a female James Bond

Yes, we are eager to see Baywatch movie girls running in bikini.

"You can't open a magazine and be like, 'I want to look like that, ' That can't happen, '" the 34-year-old Indian actress told us at a NY screening of the film, hosted by Cinema Society, Hugo Boss, and Svedka, Monday night. The show about crime fighting lifeguards made Pamela Anderson a star and was a monster television hit any numerous countries catching the eyes of many young boys and their dads.

Global superstar and Miss World 2000 victor Priyanka Chopra (ABC's Quantico) makes her American film debut in Paramount Pictures' Baywatch, in Philippine cinemas May 31, 2017.

Priyanka Chopra slipped into four different and super cool outfits to attend the Baywatch premiere in NY.

Before that, Alexandra Daddario shared a photo of her and Zac Efron where the actor will be seen planting a sweet kiss on her cheek.

In fact, if anything, the near god-level worship of Johnson and the rest of the film's ongoing self-awareness can actually get a little too muchat times; like Gordon and co. are so insistent that they're in on the joke that it comes off feeling far too desperate overall.

Gav Murphy of IGN said: "Before seeing Baywatch, I felt like the whole thing had a lot of promise but unfortunately that's hidden behind stagnant comedy which has been sold to us under the cheap guise of something recognisable from 25 years ago".

The censor board was in a fix for quite some time as to what should be done with Priyanka Chopra's Hollywood debut, Baywatch. So that was unbelievable, but I wasn't jealous at all because I was really grateful that I was wearing couture and heels on a beach.

The problem with this new take on Baywatch is the film is more C.H.I.P.S. than Jump Street with a movie that tries so hard to be dirty, dumb and action packed that it ends up ruining the whole experience in the process.

Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra and the cast of Baywatch indulged in some good, clean fun on Monday night at a special screening of the Paramount film in New York City. "When the plastic aquarium version of the usually ultra-charismatic Johnson gets more laughs than the real deal, there's something seriously wrong". He's one of my favorite characters. Efron is the strongest member of the cast; he plays Brody with a Ryan Lochte-like level of obtuse narcissism and smarm. Another one of the cameos felt especially tacked on, nearly like an afterthought. I thought, Maybe I'll meet the love of my life there [on Tinder]. There are a few action-y beats that easily could have been pretty boring in the hands of a lesser filmmaker.

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