Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many

Trump quickly congratulated Karen Handel on Tuesday night's win in the Georgia special election.

The Georgia race will really leave a mark on that exasperated party. "But her time has come and gone", Kathleen Rice, a Democratic congressman from NY, said on MSNBC yesterday morning.

JOE CROWLEY: We're disappointed.

On Tuesday, Republican Karen Handel won a fierce, closely-watched special congressional election in Georgia, staving off a spirited challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The 30 year-old first time candidate was hoping to "Flip The 6th", a district seat that has been in the Republican Party's control since 1979.

And she played down the significance of the Georgia race, pointing out how Ossoff reduced a 25-point Republican win in 2016 to a four-point win.

Pelosi, speaking to reporters on Thursday, said she's confident she has the support in her caucus.

Special elections can be bellwethers of the national mood, but that national mood isn't set in stone.

"If you just look at the math, midterm elections there is always a wave against the incumbent party", said Broton.

"I know folks were a little disappointed earlier this week".

BENNETT: Like Ryan, Congressman Seth Moulton of MA is also venting about the loss.

"Ossoff race better be a wake up call for Democrats - business as usual isn't working", tweeted Representative Seth Moulton of MA.

"Republican voters don't get to select the leaders of the Democratic Party". You're responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do. I am a strategic, politically astute leader. That's the most important part.

"Clearly, we're coming off an election, and she's been getting pounded now for 10 years with negative ads from the Republicans".

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Ossoff lived and worked with the liberals in Washington.

"This is not anything personal between me and Nancy Pelosi".

However, she went on to admit, "a loss is a loss".

RYAN: Those are still effective ads that hurt our candidates.

BENNETT: Again, that's Congressman Tim Ryan.

And Rice backed Pelosi in last year's leadership fight. "They're anxious about paying the bills".

"She's easy to demonize". We're used to that.

Pelosi spoke at a Democratic caucus meeting June 21 on Capitol Hill.

Instead, he said Democrats need to focus on developing a message that wins over voters in Republican-leaning districts.

But Handel won the race, which turned out to be the most expensive House race in history, and now some elected Democrats around the country are pointing their finger at Pelosi.

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