Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer

Apple is finally turning the iPad into a computer

The new tablet also showcases a brand new TrueTone display. Despite this, the overall size of the unit has only increased by 7pc. Like all iPads, Apple still quotes a battery life of 10 hours.

As previously predicted by KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, WWDC was when Apple chose to launched their all new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that replaces the 9.7-inch iPad Pro that was launched just over a year ago.

Arguably the most interesting of these developments is the ability to drag and drop files from one location to another. According to CNET, the app will be available on the fourth-generation Apple TV streaming and gaming box ($150).

This lets you change the way you set up your workflow.

Core for core, the A10X does, indeed, offer about 30% more performance than the A9X does. True Tone dynamically adjusts the white balance of the display to match the light around you for a more natural and accurate viewing experience and a wide color gamut enables iPad Pro to deliver digital cinema-standard colors.

Last but not least are ports: Both have USB-C physical ports, but the MacBook only has one, while the Pro has two.

For many, the real question with this new keyboard configuration will doubtless be whether it solves some of the issues that were reported with last year's MacBook Pro keyboard, including a non-uniform feel across the keys, and keys which make a loud clicking sound when the laptop gets warmer. The apps have been refined and brought in the best possible condition for the users. The Touch Bar also remains an obstacle that has yet to be overcome, though iFixit promises to never give up until they've cracked that open. The media has focused on many interesting bits of the WWDC such as the HomePod (dead on arrival), macOS, new storage plans, and new Siri voice among others. Advanced sensors in Apple Pencil measure both pressure and tilt for a natural drawing, annotating and note taking. This is exactly the type of functionality that might make stylus sceptics reconsider the Pencil. Even the minor updates tell their own story: Apple added the latest generation of Intel Core processors - 7th-gen "Kaby Lake" chips, fellow codename nerds - to the new MacBook Pro shortly after Dell and HP did similar to create the Precision 5520 and ZBook Studio G4, rather than lagging up to a year behind as it had in previous years.

By contrast, the iPad Pro doesn't pack a desktop-level chip, but its chip is still pretty beefy, regardless.

The iPhone remains Apple's most important product by far, but the company needs a range of devices to keep consumers locked into its profitable and growing ecosystem of services and apps. There's a 12-megapixel rear camera and 7-megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD sensor.

What I do appreciate (lots) is the excellent speaker system that iPad Pro models have come with.

I've been using the new model since Monday's keynote, and it's grown on me - and, honestly, am glad I didn't bite the bullet and buy an older model. Customers will get to choose from a few storage option starting from the 64GB internal storage option all the way to the 512GB internal storage option.

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