Apple reveals new HomePod, iPad Pro and upgraded operating systems

Apple reveals new HomePod, iPad Pro and upgraded operating systems

Apple reveals new HomePod, iPad Pro and upgraded operating systems

Apple's version of machine learning is woven into what its users would do on a daily basis across the operating system, right from understanding faces to suggesting apps based on incoming messages.

Apple is introducing a 10.5 inch iPad Pro in an attempt to revive interest it's once hot-selling line of tablets.

However, iPhone owners will still be able to use navigation apps, like Apple Maps and Google Maps as well as Apple CarPlay. Battery the battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous activity with an average load of. Only the most recent messages will be kept on the device to save storage.

The iPhone 5S and newer devices will receive the upgrade but some older apps will no longer work afterwards.

Redditors who have already installed the developer beta are reporting that Apple has purportedly included full playback support for FLAC audio files in iOS 11.

For logging into any third-party app, you don't need to manually enter your details, the iOS is smart enough to log you into the apps using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Having said that, the company also stopped this update for a slew of devices including iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation and 2013's iPhone 5C.

There's also improvements to Siri coming, including a male option to make sure we truly stay divided on gender issues. Both new iPad Pros will be powered by Apple's latest A10X chip, which features a new six core CPU and a 12-core GPU.

The pro level camera features will allow for looping videos with new Loop and Bounce effects in Live Photos.

Apple is also starting to phase out 32-bit support for the Mac, telling developers at WWDC that Mac OS High Sierra would be the last to have 32-bit capability "without compromises". The update, which is set to launch in the fall, will include several major updates for iPhone and iPad users, including a "Do Not Disturb while Driving" feature.

In addition to the update to Files, Apple is also updating the file management system on macOS.

Upon detection, the phone activates the "Do not disturb while driving" mode, which automatically silences notifications, thereby turning off the screen.

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