Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes hardware of current iMacs

Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes hardware of current iMacs

Apple unveils new iMac Pro, refreshes hardware of current iMacs

Is it done and over with?

The iMac Pro is targeted at heavy users who demand more from their desktops. The specs definitely scream "pro", with an 18-core Intel Xeon processor you'd normally only see in servers or heavy-duty workstations.

The latest iMac highlights Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2GHz along with the Turbo Increase to 4.5GH.

As far as the graphics support, the 13-inch version will offer an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 while the higher end model will tote an Intel Iris Plus Graphic 650. It's also worth noting that the SSD drives across Apple's entire MacBook line have been updated, as well. And RAM capabilities have been doubled. The Most Advanced Graphics Ever in a Mac iMac Pro comes with the new Radeon Pro Vega GPU, the most advanced graphics ever in a Mac.

To handle the heat generated in the latest unit the iMac Pro comes with a completely redesigned architecture which will alleviate thermal demands with 80% better cooling capacity whilst maintaining the same thin and seamless iMac aesthetic. Included on a Mac for the first time is 10Gb Ethernet connectivity. The A10, on the other hand, needs to only drive displays that update their contents 60 times per second. But away from the software, it also previewed its new line of tablets and computers for 2017. One thing about the Mac Pros, nearly everything was upgradable.

At WWDC today, Apple provided a sneak peek of the new iMac Pro, an entirely new iMac designed for pro users.

That's a huge bummer, considering how sleek and much-needed a black option is.

Right now, the iMac Pro looks like it is more than anyone could ever ask for. Still, it provides enough power and battery life for the average user.

We're still testing the new iMac and will bring you a full review soon but the early signs are looking very good indeed. I browsed the internet, watched 4K video and spent some time batch editing photos in Photoshop Creative Cloud and didn't run into any performance hiccups. For photographers, this machine could be a holy grail.

The new 13 inch MacBook Pro starts at $1299, while the one with Touch Bar starts at $1799. They've been asking for more iPad variation for a while now and now, they finally got what they've been asking for. It will come in December starting at about $5,000. An upgrade with USB-C ports and better graphics (four to six monitors would be nice) and a faster processor could be in the works. Prospective buyers should hold off on purchasing new laptops until the tech giant makes the announcement during Apple's 2017 convention. Lastly, the most powerful Surface Pro option has the same Core i7-7660U.

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