Cavs up 20, midway through the 2nd quarter

He needed a change, and wanted a chance to win the championship that had eluded him.

They spoke openly of their desire to beat Jordan's 72-win team in 1996, but this time have downplayed the importance of 16-0.

The Warriors popped champagne inside the bowels of Quicken Loans Arena in 2015, having clinched the series in six games. But refs claimed that his first technical was on coach Steve Kerr.

James shrugged off unbeaten runs and celebration talk and just kept his mind on the moment.

Two former MVPs, one on the brink of his first National Basketball Association championship, one trying to avoid being swept out of the Finals, were hit with technical fouls.

Durant led the Warriors with 35 points, but made only nine of 22 shots from the field, including two of nine from long range.

In addition, the Warriors have not lost a game since April 10.

James and Durant had a heated verbal exchange for an extended stretch midway into the third quarter while referees were reviewing a foul by Love on Durant, but they slapped hands when they returned to play.

One reason for the Warriors' dominant playoff run was the acquisition of Durant in the offseason. This year's Western Conference champs have 7 different players who have made a three.

"At the end of the day we've just got some resilient guys", James said. "Most guys who don't want to take those shots don't want to deal with the repercussions of if you miss, because that is a bad feeling". "I think the Warriors are taking this championship", another fan added.

Last year, they became the first team with 73 victories in a season. Both teams responded. But in the final minute, James - perhaps the most fearsome player on the planet - found himself in an unusual position: helpless. He never got back to the Finals with the Thunder, and when he was finally ready to consider looking elsewhere, the Warriors offered him exactly what he wanted to hear when they sat down in the Hamptons and talked about where the former scoring champion fit in a lineup with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. "And obviously this team is built to be able to do that with the talent that they have", said James. But winning cures everything. It did for James when he left the Cavaliers for the Heat in 2010.

Durant knows what it's like to lose an NBA Finals, falling in 2012 to Miami as James won his first career title. He was celebrated. Durant has been celebrated already for his play, passion and drive in this series. "Right now it's warriors", Noe Lopez with the store said.

No team has escaped a 3-0 deficit to win an NBA playoff series in 126 tries and the Warriors can claim the crown by winning game five at home on Monday in Oakland, California, but the Cavs made the greatest NBA Finals comeback a year ago from 3-1 down to beat the Warriors. Their last loss was April 10.

As painful as that experience was past year, Kerr believed it helped the Warriors in the long run and they've grown from it. "We've been here three years in a row". A Warriors team, we might add, that will feature the same cast of characters next season.

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