Flag Day flag retirement ceremony today

Flag Day flag retirement ceremony today

Flag Day flag retirement ceremony today

"I try to fight for veterans who are gone".

Smith says the flags taken out of this drop box will be respectfully disposed of during the ceremony.

Keef said people can burn their own unusable flags - but to ensure that they are fully destroyed, they prefer people to bring them to the American Legion.

It is a day when people across the United States, both civilian and military, have their own special way of honoring the flag's birthday.

"On nearly any calendar you look at, you will find the notation of Flag Day on June 14", Wayne Hardesty said. They take old flags from the public year round for disposal.

"This flag has served its nation well and long". Burning is the approved method for disposing of unserviceable flags.

She said a common myth is that a flag must be retired if it touches the ground. "But that doesn't mean that just because it touched the ground...you can't use that flag anymore".

"I'm taking care of something on the bucket list", Joanna Jakimetz said.

He's also seen the opposite happen. "But if you have a light on it, you can fly year-round", Green said.

The flag represents respect.

Riley, a father of four, whose sons are either now serving or have served in the military, gave an emotional and tearful prayer after the flag lowering and raising ceremony, telling all to keep in mind the Gold Star Families, the sacrifice of mothers and fathers who may not get to see their children, and the children who may not get to see their parents. A Legion member played "Taps" as the flags were prepared.

Magiera said there are some older flags last flown in 2011 now stored in the fire department as well as some she bought personally.

The ceremony has been held every year since the lodge began in 1914, said local Elks secretary Debra Crampton.

"We make sure to write everything down", Manley said of the ceremony protocols. "They have paid a great price for this country, and we never thank them enough, to be honest".

Today is Flag Day, celebrating the adoption of the United States flag by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

"Sometimes, persons don't look back at the source documents and the ideals and turmoils that we have gone through to get where we are today", Lee said. "It allows us to keep up with each other, at least".

"I love this country", Comer said.

"There is a difference between burning", Jung said. "Veterans Day is supposed to be for the others". "The lyrics express honor of those who were involved in the war". For more information, contact the American Legion at (706) 226-5120.

Wright can be reached by phone at 757-345-2343.

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