Hotel Courtyard Andaluz | Sightseeing

Hotel Courtyard Andaluz | Sightseeing

Hotel Courtyard Andaluz | Sightseeing


Hotel Patio Andaluz offers services with professionalism and integrity. We work as a team and consider the economic, social and environmental aspects of our actions, we act socially responsible throughout our business management, promoting good practices inside and outside the company. > Our Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out our voluntary commitment to comply with laws and our principles by setting standards of conduct that ensure accountability, through a global vision of our stakeholders. the Hotel Patio Andaluz we ensure that our guests receive a personalized service in an atmosphere of tranquility. Carefully taking care of the hygiene in our services, we work in a team culture that tries to improve day by day, we take care of the environment environment reflecting how our actions have an impact on our economic, social and environmental environment.

The rules of ethics and conduct established in the Code are of a character obligatory for our company and considered permanent elements within our business model

In the Hotel Patio Andaluz we consider social responsibility as an axis of action throughout our administration. reflects in our Vision and Mission, seeking the participation of all our stakeholders. Our Hotel is committed to the fulfillment of our values ​​and Quality Policy. Mystical work that has been adopted by each of our employees and implemented every day with our guests and their environment

Compliance with Laws < / Em>

Transparency, honesty and ethics of our national and international actions comply strictly with the standards and principles in the preparation of our accounting and financial information

em> Corruption and Bribery

We strongly reject any indication of corruption and / or bribery practices. This action will cause the suspension of the employment or commercial relationship

With Our Guests and Interest Groups

We respect the privacy of our guests, the information is kept under strict confidentiality, is one of our irrefutable values ​​and we treasure more.

Our third party contracts include

We are committed to releasing pertinent, transparent information that guarantees the privacy of our interest groups in the country.

The means used by the Hotel Patio Andaluz to be known as: Website, Social Networks, Email and Electronic Media

With our Suppliers

The principles that govern the Hotel Patio Andaluz are a foundation for the elaboration of its deals, terms and conditions

We guarantee respect for property, trademarks and patents. We are committed to the fulfillment of our contractual obligations

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Hotel Courtyard Andaluz | Sightseeing

We carry out yearly evaluations of price and market competitiveness, privileging the local company and having the same sense of social responsibility

The Hotel Patio Andaluz ensures respect for fundamental human rights, we reject work.

children, we promote a mystique of honorable and dignified work

The selection of staff is based on standardized methods to objectively measure the skills, abilities and professional experience of candidates without any discrimination. Each employee will perform the medical examinations arranged by the occupational physician provides clearly and accurately their functions, internal regulations, and occupational health and safety, prior training, training, delivery of work uniforms and the terms of their contract < / em>

The staff working at the Hotel will always be in constant training with the objective of continuous improvement in benefit of our workers. We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment

Through the appropriate process and mechanisms, we strive to avoid conflicts of interest by detecting and correcting them in a timely manner p> The use of your position within the company for your own benefit will be sanctioned. It is forbidden to receive tangible or intangible benefits as a result of inappropriate use of confidential information

Employees may not use the Hotel's work or resources in activities outside the Hotel activities unless you have prior authorization, it is unacceptable under any circumstances to use illegal drugs or alcohol at work Using telephone, radio (motorola) are the means used to communicate and facilitate the work of our staff, abuse is subject to sanctions. Violence and sexual harassment

The use of company resources and facilities to carry out political proselytism is prohibited. It is clarified that the employee will not be affected by his political preferences.

The Hotel Patio Andaluz ratifies its apolitical position, through its participation


We are committed to developing an environmental culture and promoting the efficient use of natural resources. Our goal is to implement different environmental management systems, we seek the use of environmentally friendly products that are available in the market

We encourage our staff, guests and suppliers to comply With the legal requirements requested by the Environment Socialism through our pages we also use written communications, posters of internal information for the staff the goal is to work together to achieve this goal Em> With the Society

We foster a responsible, participatory and promoting culture of practices that contribute to the country's growth

We will promote our quality within the hotel sector to achieve a tourism development that is an example of the region and the Country

Participate in our value chain, potential to contribute to the well-being of the community

< Em> Our behavior both inside and outside hotels must be aligned with our quality and work mystic policy. Propose in all our business relationships the consideration of the social impact of operations within the business plan. >

It is the responsibility of the Administration to ensure compliance with the commitments acquired in this code

Have anonymous communication mechanisms, Questions about this code

Determine actions to take against possible faults and deviations from the code Grant extensions to the code in case Of extraordinary situations

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