Irving saves his best for when Cavs face Finals elimination

After losing every Game 3 of the 2016 playoffs and suffering through their worst playoff performances of each of their first two series in 2017, the stage was set for the Golden State Warriors to lose Game 3 of the 2017 Finals in Cleveland. Golden State will be at full strength this time, and while the Warriors have finally lost a game, they haven't lost any confidence.

"You want to do exactly what we have done, win the first two and get a split", Steve Kerr said. If he's getting 39 points off two's, we can live with that.

"We're battle tested, they're battle tested".

"Well, I can see it from both sides". Hitting, being physical, we have to do that. The Larry O'Brien trophy, an undefeated postseason and a place among the greatest teams of all-time were sitting right for the Warriors' taking on Friday night. Although there was some miscommunication between scorers of the game, Draymond Green of the Warriors was not technically fouled twice.

"We weren't coming to blows".

"And when those opportunities come, then you kill it".

"We know that champions don't die". "But we knew what we were faced with".

Someone has set the record for buying the most expensive tickets in National Basketball Association history. No team in National Basketball Association have overcome a 3-0 deficit to win a championship. "We're not trying to stop a team from going undefeated in [the playoffs]". While the Cleveland Cavaliers will go small, they've gone away from using Channing Frye in the series and will use Kevin Love and James at the center position in small lineups that allow the Cavs offense to explode. "We've just got some resilient guys".

Of course, in last year's Finals, the Warriors won Game 4 in Cleveland to go up 3-1, but the series changed when Green was suspended for Game 5 due to an accumulation of Flagrant fouls that highlighted this emotional tightrope. Cleveland is capable of beating that, but they're going to be challenged more in this game.

What could be a coronation might also give the Warriors a coronary issue.

The Warriors have been so good they hadn't lost in nearly two months before Friday's reality check, and that brings us full circle to the moment that has defined their run for the previous year.

And while the comments didn't come across as excessively brash given that they were from Green, Irving said the Cavs were offended and inspired by them.

When you cut through the chaos and look through the clear eyes of objective data, Game 4 was the ultimate regression to the mean. Here is what Kyrie Irving said about what the Cavs need to continue from Game 4.

Draymond Green walked right up then didn't take a step backwards - literally or verbally - in front of a dozen cameras and many more reporters packed into a tiny room, and his relaxed, wry grin underlined everything he said.

"I stick with my guys", Lue said.

"You just think it's going to happen".

"When you have home court ideally you take care of business at home and get a split on the road". Is this the way you want your team to be remembered, by finding any way to win, even if you look like a fool? We just got to play with more force, energy, and just lock in defensively.

Steph Curry may have slipped out of Finals MVP contention after Game 4, but Kevin Durant continued to stake his claim to the trophy after another spectacular performance in Game 4. I thought our defensive mindset was really good, and I thought offensively we really played with a pace.

"I knew I didn't, so maybe I'm just a little sharper than others then".

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