Kevin Durant downplays apparent 'stare down' with Rihanna

Some will conclude that Golden State signing Kevin Durant impacted the competitive balance in the National Basketball Association. It's a tough spot for the Cavs, because two of their best offensive players have difficulty defensively, especially against Golden State.

The Warriors matched an NBA Finals record low with only four turnovers and struck for 56 points in the paint. Clearly frustrated, James is going to need a lot more help than Irving scoring 24 points if Cleveland is going to avoid being embarrassed in this series.

Durant, who also had eight rebounds and eight assists, dominated inside early, setting a one-game career record with six slam dunks in the first half.

"You take away those easy baskets and take away them having 20 more shots than we did, it's a different ball game", he said. "And that's our best effort to win this championship, is just be ourselves".

The sleeve didn't feel right, but Curry joked of his arm wear, "As a little kid I always wanted to be like Allen Iverson and that was the only way I could really come close". But Durant adds a different element to the Warriors that was missing in 2016. They can shoot the ball from the perimeter.

Asked in the post-game press conference about that staredown, Durant shook his head and said, "I don't even remember that". "That's very apparent when you look at the film".

Although the Warriors beat the Cavaliers 113-93, Rihanna could apparently be heard yelling "The King is still the King!" in reference to James.

"We was killed ourselves", said LeBron James, who finished with a game-high eight turnovers.

But people seem to think that the Warriors' Kevin Durant wasn't feeling Rihanna's presence.

"You can not simulate what they bring to the table".

Durant could sign a so-called "non-Bird" extension for up to four years, but a more likely scenario would have him sign another two-year deal, with a player option on the second year (similar to what LeBron James did in Cleveland for several years).

Another disappointing Game 1 for LeBron: LeBron James has been to eight Finals, and seven times his teams have lost Game 1. We can easily see this feud between Rihanna and Kevin Durant growing much bigger throughout the rest of the NBA Finals is and we can't wait. "That's the formula for us", Curry said. "It's going to get harder and harder as we go when the stakes rise, but you have to stay focused".

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